6 Telltale Signs of Water Damage in Your Home

25 Oct

As a homeowner, it’s natural to be concerned about water damage on your property. Sometimes, there are visible signs that indicate a water leak in a specific part of your home. Other times, water can slowly leak for days, weeks, and months, and you don’t even realize it. You don’t want to overlook any signs that indicate trouble, as it can lead to very expensive repairs in the long run. However, how do you know what signs to watch for and which to ignore?

6 Signs of Water Damage in Your Home

While there are some obvious indications that water is leaking behind your walls, here are some less obvious signs that you don’t want to ignore.

1. Weird noises

You cannot always rely on your eyes to let you know something is not right with your plumbing, so you’ll have to employ your other senses too. Listen for different or strange noises around your home, especially if they were not there yesterday. These can include creaking floorboards, the sound of dripping behind your walls, or even rushing water.

You may need to call a professional plumbing company like Brothers Plumbing because sometimes these sounds are only normal ones that mean your plumbing system is working well. One way to tell if the sounds you hear may be a problem or be a sign that you need to repair your plumbing, is to take notice if anything has changed; for example, if the water pressure in your shower or sinks has dropped. Changes like this accompanied by strange noises could definitely lead to water damage in your home.

2. Bad smells

Dark areas with moisture are ideal breeding grounds for mould or mildew. Leaks will result in a musty smell. If you notice a bad smell somewhere in your home, investigate it and see if you can discover where it is coming from. Check the walls, floor, and ceiling in that area for moisture or softness, which can be signs that water damage has occurred.

While it is normal for older homes to have different odours in the attic or basement, if it gets worse, you’ll want to take a closer look. Any changes in smells around your home could also indicate water damage caused by a leak. Don’t ignore any different odours, as they may help you uncover the leak before it turns into a costly problem.

3. Discolouration

Discolouration on your walls or ceiling is not always obvious, but if you do notice some yellow or brown stains, there may be a leak behind the space. They may materialize as small spots or streaks. If they appear on the inside of your home, it could be caused by a leaky roof or pipe.

Sometimes, though, these streaks or stains appear on the outside of your home. This can be a sign of an overflowed gutter. Either way, you’ll want to find ways to waterproof your home. If you don’t clear the gutter, it may lead to serious foundation damage to your home. Another way to avoid such damage is to put runners on your downspouts to funnel the water away from your foundation.

4. Paint peeling

Excessive water, moisture, or humidity can cause your paint to lift away. This will be evident through paint peeling or bubbling. If you notice this, it is a sign that there is internal water damage, and you should call a professional to fix it.

5.Dark spots

Mould growing behind your walls will show up as dark spots on your ceiling or walls. However, if you see a crust on your carpeting, that could also indicate mould growth on the other side. Just because you have mould, though, does not mean you have a serious leak. Sometimes, the cause is condensation. Regardless of how it started, it is a sign there is too much moisture in your home.

Mould can cause health problems for you or your family and should be dealt with immediately. Talk with Brothers Plumbing to see what you can do to fix the problem today and ensure it does not come back in the future.

6. Saggy ceilings

One of the most disheartening things to see as a homeowner is saggy ceilings or walls. Water leaks can cause wall and ceiling materials to become saturated so much that it adds extra weight to them. This leads to a weakening of the material, which results in the sagging or concave of your ceiling or walls.

Is the water damage old or new?

Water damage can be a serious concern for homeowners, but it is a problem that can be solved. Once you’ve noticed where the issue is, determine whether it is a sign of a new problem or one that has gone untreated for a long time.

  • Consistency: If the water damage has been occurring over several months or even years, then the materials will feel mushy when you touch them.
  • Stain rings: Multiple stain rings or discolouration that appears over itself indicates that the spot has dried and been wet numerous times.
  • Rotting: Long-term water exposure can cause rotting in your baseboards, floors, and framing.
  • Mould or mildew: Once you get mould or mildew growth, you can be sure the problem has been going on for some time. While it may not be weeks or months, it could just be a few days; still, you will need to remove it all before you can relax in your space again.

Water damage can be a huge hassle, but if it happens, we’re here for you. For more information about dealing with a water leak in your home or for any other professional plumbing services in Toronto, call Brothers Plumbing at 1-800-742-8471 or contact us here.

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