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Liberty Village is one of Toronto’s oldest settlements, with Fort York, on the south end of the settlement, having been established by the British in 1793. Because of Liberty Village’s ideal location just on the outside of the downtown core, but close enough to be within walking distance of Lakeshore and The Financial and Entertainment Districts, the area has seen phenomenal growth over the past decade. It has become an area dominated by new residential developments and is a popular neighbourhood with artists and young professionals alike.

Professional plumber services Liberty Village

Brothers plumbing has been providing the city of Toronto with professional plumbing services for years. Our team of plumbers has decades of combined experience on all different types of plumbing jobs, and we have used that expertise to build ourselves a reputation as a committed, talented and friendly group of plumbing professionals in the city.

We know that the residents of Liberty Village require a plumbing service that is a cut above when it comes to customer care, which is exactly what you get when you do business with Brothers Plumbing. We arrive on time and never leave until the job is finished. We also never prioritize new jobs over yours, meaning you can rest assured that you and your plumbing needs mean a lot to us.

Whether the issue requires a more simple fix, such as a clogged drain, or something more involved, such as new pipe laid for a commercial sewage main installation project, we have the expertise and the knowledge to get any plumbing job done right the first time.

We are proud to be able to provide the community of Liberty Village with one of the most extensive and wide ranging plumbing inventories in the city. This sets us apart from our competitors because many times, companies have to order parts on a job by job basis. This costs time and money. Not for Brothers Plumbing. We are fully equipped to handle all of your plumbing needs at all times, letting us get things done more quickly and effectively.

We believe that no two clients’ plumbing needs are the same and with that in mind, have built Brothers Plumbing into a one-stop shop and all purpose contractor, able to tailor our services to individual client needs. Customer service, family values and an in depth knowledge of all things plumbing: that’s what we offer. Our business was established with family values, hard work, trust and integrity as our founding principles and we are committed to making that shine through on each and every single job we do.

To learn more about how we can help you with your next plumbing job, we invite you to email us at brothersplumbing23@gmail.com, or alternatively you can call us at 416-656-6717 whenever you like. We are located at 130 Osler Street, Toronto, Ontario.

Let Brothers Plumbing show you why we are among the most respected and trusted plumbing experts in the entire city.


"Nancy and I would like to thank Brothers Plumbing for their professional management of a serious drainage problem that suddenly developed at our home."

Sid & Nancy

"Hi Cindy, I just wanted to thank your company and especially the three gentlemen who worked on our home: Harold Peter, Ken Fowler and Frederick Jnnoel."


"Good afternoon, One of your guys just did a quick repair job at our house and my husband said the guy was great. It didn’t take long, and he felt like he could trust him."


"Dear Sirs, About two weeks ago, two of your employees, George Lambrakos and Anatoli Masimov came and installed a new washroom in the basement of our house, and we want you to know how pleased we are..."

Bill & Phyllis

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