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Professional plumber services Toronto IslandsThe Toronto Islands, formerly known as the Island of Hiwatha, meaning “On the Island” in the First Nations Ojibway language, is a small, iconic chain of islands lying just offshore from the city centre. It is a popular tourist and local destination, with beaches, water sports, walking, bicycling, music events and restaurants drawing people, mostly in the summer months, to the island oasis. The Toronto Islands are also home to a small community of year round residents who pride themselves on the tight-knit community and relative seclusion of the islands in the midst of the overwhelmingness of the City of Toronto. The Islands are also famously home to Billy Bishop Airport and Porter Airlines.

Brothers Plumbing is proud to offer its services to the residents of the Toronto Islands. Our team of plumbers has combined decades of in-depth plumbing experience all over the city, making our company and our crew one of the premier names in plumbing services city-wide. We know that the residents of the Toronto Islands need to be able to rely upon skilled and reliable plumbers to ensure that their houses, businesses and boats remain fully functional year round, especially given the relative isolation of the islands. We are committed to getting to each and every job we take on on time, providing the same friendly and knowledgeable customer service that has allowed us to build our profile in the industry. We will never leave a job until the issue has been resolved and we never prioritize other jobs once we’ve taken yours on. Whether it’s a smaller, easy fix, or a large, more complex plumbing issue, from clogged drains to piping for commercial sewage main installation, we’ve got you covered.

One of the most talked-about facets of our business among our customers is the diverse and unparalleled inventory selection that we offer. Many people have chosen Brothers Plumbing after having requested a quote from somebody else, only to find out that the specialty part they need for the job needs to be ordered-in. This takes time, and time, as the old saying goes, is money. Our wide range of common and specialty plumbing parts means that once you start doing business with Brothers Plumbing, we can begin the job as soon as you need us.

We have built our business around being able to cater to a diverse group of clientele, recognizing that no two clients’ plumbing needs are ever the same. We are committed to making sure that the quiet, important community of the Toronto Islands has access to high-quality plumbing services whenever they need them and we look forward to being your all-purpose, one-stop-shop for all your plumbing needs.

To learn more about how we can help you with your next plumbing job, we invite you to call us at 416-656-6717 whenever you like. We are located at 130 Osler Street, Toronto, Ontario.

Let Brothers Plumbing show you why we are among the most respected and trusted plumbing experts in the entire city.

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