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Professional plumber services RosedaleIn Toronto, Rosedale is synonymous with wealth and prestige. This century old GTA neighborhood is home to the region’s wealthiest and most important residents. In other words, if you live close to The Glen Road Bridge, you are likely a millionaire, a politician, or a famous celebrity (or all three)! To enhance its distinction from the rest of Toronto, the area is surrounded by gorgeous ravines and an abundance of public parkland. While its natural borders make Rosedale seem secretive and secluded, it is in reality only a few minutes from the downtown district of Ontario’s capital.

While Rosedale has many independently wealthy residents, the neighborhood has long been considered the home of “old money” families, ones that have spread their legacy across multiple generations. Individuals like Ken Thompson, the country’s former richest person, had property in Rosedale, along with many others who have staggeringly high net worths. Park Drive Ravine separates Rosedale into its north and south districts.

Since our company’s inception, Brothers Plumbing has had the opportunity to work on multiple residential and commercial plumbing projects in Rosedale. From simple service and repair jobs to larger-scale installations, our crew has done a little bit of everything. Exemplary customer service and satisfaction is our signature trademark, one we take to heart each and every day on the job!

Our team is committed to providing nothing short of excellence as far as workmanship is concerned; this is demonstrated in our atypical hours of operation along with our comprehensive list of plumbing services. Instead of following the conventional 9 to 5, Brothers Plumbing is open daily from 7 AM to 7 PM, including the weekends. Please note that even if your Rosedale plumbing system has issues after hours, we guarantee one of our technicians will be available to answer the call.

Being prepared for anything is what sets Brothers Plumbing apart from many competing GTA plumbers; maintaining a proactive mindset about our customers’ service needs is what has grown our business from the small firm it once was, to the distinguished brand it is four decades later! Never once have we strayed from our mission to help home and business owners to the fullest extent with their plumbing system problems.

We know our customers count on us to get the job done without fail, which is why our technicians are required to undergo continued industry training and become certified before going into the field. Licensed and insured, Brothers Plumbing is the full service plumbing company you want and deserve, as simple as that.

Some of more popular services include water heating, drainage, backwater valve work, waterproofing, and drainage projects, but this list is not at all exhaustive. To find out more about what Brothers Plumbing provides, feel free to contact us via phone at 416-656-6717. You are also welcome to stop by 130 Osler Street, Toronto, ON, M6N 2Y8 for an in-office visit!

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