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They are known by many names (blind drain, land drain, French ditch, sub-soil drain, etc.), but serve the same essential purpose. French drains are constructed in one of two ways; they either contain a trench that is filled with rock/gravel, or consist of a perforated pipe that juts out of the ground at a designated area. Their role is to divert groundwater away from a specific spot, so as to prevent flooding.

As one might imagine, they are typically employed in low lying areas or regions prone to high amounts of rainfall; French drains are used in residential and commercial applications, and require perfect placement and construction. Since the main goal is to keep groundwater from penetrating building foundations, the plumbing contractor must know exactly where to position the ditch and/or protruding pipe for maximum drainage effectiveness.

Adequate Drainage Is Our Specialty

There is little room for error in this respect, which is why using the services of a professionally trained plumber like Brothers is highly recommended.

For almost 40 years, we have provided quality French drain construction services to home and business owners throughout the GTA, and employ expertly trained technicians with the knowledge and experience you would expect from a leader in the field. All of our crew members have undergone extensive training and certification, and have worked on and managed hundreds of French drain projects for our residential and commercial customers.

Basement leaks and excessively wet landscapes are a sure sign that your property is having drainage problems, ones that should never be avoided for any reason. For all you know, your foundation could be suffering serious issues; given the right circumstances, too much moisture can be downright catastrophic.

If all goes well, meaning our crew does not run into any unexpected surprises on-site, Brothers can usually have a French drain construction project completed in a few days at the latest. Some commercial and industrial properties often require multiple drains, especially if we determine the need for more during the initial assessment.

With an average cost of between $2,000-11,000, French drains certainly are a sizable investment. However, given what is potentially at stake (like a flooded basement or damaged foundation), the future costs could be much, much higher. This is by no means an ultra budget-friendly project; to avoid the hassle that comes with hiring an inexperienced and unqualified contractor, be sure to contact the experts at Brothers Plumbing as soon as possible.

We take our time to make sure every job is completed to perfection, and that our customers are 100% satisfied with the work we do. Licensed, insured, and certified, you get the peace of mind knowing your French drain service and installation needs are being handled by a true professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a french drain a good idea?

    Yes if used properly.

  • Can french drains fail?

    Yes, if not put in the right place, also if not maintained.

  • Why is a french drain called a french drain?

    First described by Henry French a US farmer in 1859.

  • How long do french drains last?

    Can last many years, 10 plus.

  • Can french drains get clogged?

    Yes, by sediment, stones and roots.

  • Does a french drain need a n exit?

    Yes, a sump pump, a dry well or a rain garden

  • Where do you end a french drain?

    Usually end on a downhill slope away from the foundation of a house.

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