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Mainline Backwater Valve Installation Toronto

Mainline Backwater Valve InstallationThe Importance Of Backwater Valves

Wastewater should only ever flow in one direction, and that is out of your home or office. Anytime there is a blockage in your sewer main, flushed sewage has no choice but to come back the way it came. That is unless your property has a dedicated mainline backwater valve installed. Serving as an essential safety net, these valves bear the responsibility of preventing unneeded backflow.

By and large, backflow prevention devices are used in almost every residential and commercial GTA plumbing system. For all intensive purposes, they are lifesavers for thousands of home and business owners who could have easily been the victim of accidental sewage backup.

It does not take much to realize the destructive effects the latter can have; in addition to damaging flooring, walls, and furniture, raw sewage carries with it a wealth of harmful bacteria. The health hazards associated with contact of these materials are too many to list, but they can be very hazardous. It is common practice for entire buildings to be quarantined in the event of wastewater backflow, as water damage remediation specialists are required to clean up the ensuing mess.

Protect Your Property From Harmful Sewage

Mainline backwater valves are instrumental in protecting potable water from pollution and contamination; the expert plumbers at Brothers in North York have been hired by many residents to service, repair, and install these devices over the years. We have worked on a large variety of residential and commercial backflow device construction projects, and have all the equipment needed to complete the job as quickly as possible.

Since municipalities are required by law to inspect and clean public sewer lines, many people wonder why backflow devices are needed in the first place. The reason is because anything can happen; while Toronto officials often do an excellent job at keeping wastewater flowing optimally, unexpected situations can happen that clog sewer mains. Collapsed pipes, belied sections, and tree root intrusions are just a few of the issues that can lead to backflow; mainline backwater valves are in place to stop this from occurring.

Backwater valves are typically installed in one of two areas: basement exit points and exterior sewer laterals. Each location is strategically selected to prevent wastewater from entering a building’s drains, but one area is usually more ideal for a property’s specific needs.

Thanks to their expertise and decades of combined experience, Brothers’ crew members always know which type of valve to install and where best to install it. You can count on them to keep sewage permanently away from your home or office. Our mainline backwater valve services are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee; please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a mainline backwater valve?

    A valve that closes when water backs up from city into the main drain of the house.

  • Can a backwater valve be installed vertically?

    No, should be horizontal on main drain.

  • What is a backwater valve access sleeve?

    An opening to allow access for maintenance.

  • How much does it cost to install a backwater valve?

    On average $ 2400.00- 3500.00

  • What is the purpose of a backwater valve?

    To protect basement from flooding from city back up.

  • Where does a backwater valve go?

    It is typically placed inside at front of house or outside along the main drain.

  • Is a backwater valve necessary?

    Yes if you have frequent city back ups.3

  • How do i know i have a backwater valve?

    You will have a metal plate in the basement near the front of the house or a 6" clean-out outside.

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