The Differences Between Low Flow And Regular Flow Toilets

24 Oct

If you’re on the market for a new toilet, you may be contemplating whether to choose a low flush toilet or a regular flow toilet. In the mid 90s, low flow toilets landed on the market due to water conservation laws. They soon earned a poor reputation among consumers because, at the time, manufacturers abided by the new water rule but failed to change the design of the toilet to remove waste. Since then, low flow toilets undergone lengthy design changes, making them much more of an attractive option than they were years ago.

Low Flow And Regular Flow Toilet Differences

The Differences Between Low Flow and Regular Flow Toilets

Arguably, low flow toilets flush more powerfully than regular flow toilets while not using nearly as much water. Right off the bat, low flow toilets are much more environmentally friendly. To ensure that you get a quality low flow toilet with a powerful flush, however, look for a toilet with a good bulk waste removal rating. Ultimately, choosing a low flow toilet means that you can expect significant savings on your next water bill without sacrificing efficiency. This is made possible by the more specific differences and design changes, including:

  1. Bowl Differences: Location of the Outlet

    In a low flow toilet, the outlet is located near the center of the bowl while it is located near the back end of the toilet in a regular flow toilet, meaning that less water is used to push waste in the direction of the exit.

  2. Water Line Differences

    A second difference between low flow and regular flow toilets is that low flow toilets have more water located near the front of the bowl, which ultimately makes it easier for waste to travel to the outlet since more of the bowl base is submerged in water.

  3. Toilet Tank Differences
    Another difference is their toilet tanks; low flush toilets have a larger flush valve than regular flow toilets.
  4. Flushing Differences

    Low flow toilets use less water to remove waste; in order to accomplish the task of removing waste in powerful manner, some low flow toilets may have an additional water supply hole located near the bowl outlet.

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