Benefits of Sewer Line Camera Inspections 13 Jun 2019

Benefits of Sewer Line Camera Inspections

The technology at the disposal of the modern plumbing team is becoming ever more complex. Now, teams can depend on the latest sewer line cameras to complete their repair and installation work, and this has a number of benefits for both the team and for homeowners. To help guide you regarding the value of sewer line camera inspections, we’ll highlight some of the benefits of the process in this latest post.

Quickly Locate a Leak

The leading benefit of sewer line inspections is they can be used to quickly find a leak or break in the line. A common challenge for plumbers inspecting sewer lines is the time the process takes. The longer that it takes to find a leak, the worse the potential damage from the leak can become. And many companies are harnessing sewer line cameras to complete comprehensive inspections of the line. The cameras are used to determine the exact location of a leak without the time required to test for potential structural weaknesses elsewhere in the line.

Reduce Unnecessary Digging

When you have a problem with a sewer line in your home, digging the area up can be a costly venture and can impact the aesthetics and functionality of your home yard. If you have a three-foot trench dug to find a leak within your sewer line, it could take several months before the area looks back to its peak best with the proper lawn care. Working with a sewer line inspector, you can minimize the amount of unnecessary digging around the home. Sewer line inspections are far less invasive than traditional digging techniques.

Inspections can Determine Pipe Condition

The condition of your pipes is a leading consideration when evaluating the sewer line. Sometimes, a replacement component is required to keep the system functioning effectively. But if you aren’t able to see the pipes in clear detail, you will only know there’s a problem when it’s too late and the issue becomes expensive to fix. Choosing to work with sewer line inspection cameras can help you to pinpoint problems within pipes and eliminate them without significant expenditure.

Video for Insurance Purposes

Often, when you have damage to your sewer line, you will depend on your insurance company to cover the cost of the repair work. If you have a video sewer line inspection service for your home, you will have access to evidence your insurance company can use to determine the total service cost. The camera offers irrefutable evidence and will ensure that you received the required compensation for the damage to the line. It will also speed up the process of receiving compensation from your insurance company, as they will rarely ask for other evidence from you.

Can be Used for All Types of Projects

Another clear advantage of working with sewer line cameras is they can be used for all types of sewer repair projects. Whether the issue is a large leak within the sewer line or a simple component problem, you can find out more about the details of the issue with the inspection process. It’s a diagnostic tool that is changing the way many of the most qualified plumbers are completing their inspection work.

Considerations for Choosing a Sewer Line Inspection

So now that you have additional information about the benefits of sewer line inspections, it’s important that you consider how to choose the best inspection company for the role. Below are a few of our tips for choosing a sewer line inspection service:

  • Choose a company based on the quality of its past work

When working with local plumbers for sewer line repair services, ensure that the company you select offers a quality service. To ensure the quality of the company’s workmanship, look for reviews from past customers and find out more about any issues they had with the company. The company should be able to provide you with a number of references for past projects they’ve completed, thereby showcasing their reliability.

  • Discuss the cost immediately

When you work with a sewer line inspection company, make sure that you find out more about the cost of the service in the first initial conversation. Ask about their price for completing the inspection work and discuss potential additions to the total cost. For example, some companies will charge more when they encounter an issue during their inspections. If the company is to charge you more for their work, ask that they come to you first before moving forward with further costly services.

  • Discuss the timeline

How long will the inspection process take and what will be the impact on my property? These are key considerations when working with an inspection firm. The company should be able to provide you with a clear idea regarding the timeline for their inspection. If they tell you that you might have to wait more than a week to have inspections completed on the home, you might wish to seek the services of another firm. Sewer line inspections should be completed on a priority basis, and any delay on the project could cost you more money in the long-term.

  • Go through the entire inspection process

Before the company’s team visits your home to complete their sewer line inspection work, have them go through the entire process with you from the first use of the camera to the inspection phase and to the conclusion phase. This will help to give you peace of mind about the company’s services. It will also ensure that the company has a clear plan for their work and that you’re on the same page about how to move forward with the project.

Working with a trusted and experienced plumbing team can help you to reduce the costs of sewer line camera inspections and ensure the right result from the service. Our team at Brothers Plumbing has many years of dedicated plumbing service in the local region and we’re here to answer your questions regarding the inspection service and its value. To book a consultation with our experienced team, please call us today.

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