4 Technological Advancements In The Plumbing Industry

25 Sep

Plumbing Industry Technological Advancements

Many of us don’t consider the ways in which the plumbing industry has evolved and how these technological advancements can make homes cleaner, more comfortable and, above all, more efficient and environmentally friendly. Take a look at these five technological advancements in the plumbing industry.

  1. Touchfree Plumbing Fixtures

    Touchfree plumbing fixtures, whereby toilets and faucets turn on/off and flush automatically, are beginning to make traction in homes. Touchfree plumbing fixtures are operated by sensors. Homeowners are drawn to this technology because it limits the spread of germs and bacteria and preserves hygiene. It also conserves water, allowing homeowners to be environmentally friendly and reduce their water bill all at the same time.

  2. Tankless Water Heaters

    When it comes to technological advancements in the plumbing industry, recent advancements have had a lot to do with being environmentally friendly. An example of this is tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters heat up water as it’s needed, thus conserving more energy than conventional water heaters do.

  3. Power Flushing

    Power flushing, also known as hydro jetting, is used to unclog drains that have been clogged for an extensive period of time and have resulted in more severe clogs. Power flushing involves spraying pressurized water through the drains and sewer lines. Power flushing services offer a more advanced way to deal with severe clogs than snaking does.

  4. Low Flow Toilets

    Low flow toilets have been around for some time. In recent years, however, they have had great advancements. Low flow toilets are designed to conserve water and are a very environmentally friendly choice, not to mention all of the savings that come along with them. When they first came on the market, however, they earned a bit of a reputation for not being able to remove waste as well as a standard toilet. Today’s low flow toilets, however, have come a long way and are virtually indistinguishable from a standard toilet in terms of their flushing power.

  5. Graywater Systems

    Another green plumbing advancement is graywater systems. People are looking for more and more ways to both conserve and reuse water. When it comes to reusing water, graywater systems are an emerging technological advancement in the plumbing industry that allows people to reuse water from the shower, washing machine and sink. This water happens to be quite clean and contains very few pathogens.

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