2022’s Top 15 Trendiest Bathroom Styles So Far

18 Jul

From integrated technology in smart shower heads to high-end spa aesthetics that create a luxurious look, this year’s trendiest bathroom styles combine modern technology with classic accents.

If you’re looking to remodel the bathrooms in your house and combine new plumbing with integrated technology, you’ll need the help of professional plumbers in North York.

However, there’s so much more in 2022 you can do to your bathroom, like these fifteen trendiest bathroom styles so far.

1. Smart faucets

In the age of COVID-19, where hand-washing is essential to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, the popularity of smart faucets has sky-rocketed.

Having professional plumbers install smart faucets in your bathrooms is an excellent idea because they can do some incredible things.

Hand-free faucets turn the water on and off using infrared technology triggered by motion sensors and reduce smudges and handprints on your bathroom’s counters and sinks (less cleaning for you).

They even cut down your bills, as you’ll be able to conserve water and energy in your household.

2. White marble

White marble remains one of the most popular bathroom trends, as they are highly durable and easy to clean.

Aesthetically, white marble complements bathrooms because of its classic and sophisticated look. It also gives off minimalist vibes, as white marble has a white palette that you can match with sleek straight lines from bathroom decor.

3. Bold wallpaper

Are you thinking of adding a burst of colour to your bathroom? Then wallpaper it! The 1980s wallpapered bathroom look is coming back in a big way with vinyl wallpaper featuring tropical themes, romantic florals, and bold patterns.

If you ever wanted to bring out your passion for art, adding wallpaper to your bathroom gives you a chance to get creative and have fun.

4. Go green with plants

Bring a touch of nature into your bathroom with plants. The colour green brings a sense of warmth and serenity to your bathroom.

They don’t even have to be real plants. You can place plenty of artificial plants on your bathroom counter or hang them on your wall to achieve the same look as natural plants.

5. Spa aesthetics

With the hustle and bustle of busy schedules, it’s nice to come home and turn your bathroom into a home spa. It doesn’t take a lot to create a spa-like experience at home.

Just add a few accessories to your bathrooms, such as plush towels, scented candles, a bathtub tray for soaking in the bathtub, and a shower wine glass holster for all you wine-drinkers.

6. Integrated technology

Along with smart faucets, you can add a high-tech showerhead to your shower.

It comes with integrated technology, such as various tech-savvy controls for the showerhead, wall-mounted interfaces you can control with mobile apps, and even smart mirrors that display the weather and calendar.

7. Twin designs

Why have one when you can have two? Twinning is a big trend in 2022, and more bathrooms feature two sinks, two shower heads, and even two bathroom cabinets.

This trend is popular amongst professional couples who need extra space to get ready in the morning without running into each other.

8. Black accents

Adding black accents like faucets, light fixtures, or a round-framed mirror to your bathroom will make it more sophisticated and luxurious.

The trick to matching black accents with your bathroom decor is to add neutral colours for a bold look.

9. Multipurpose storage

Multipurpose storage is essential when you’re living in a condo with a smaller spaced bathroom, as it gives you a chance to utilize all the space without cramming everything in.

For instance, you can mount a towel rack, place a wall cabinet behind the bathroom door, and hang a wire shower organizer to hold your shampoo and conditioner.

10. Freestanding bathtubs

Aesthetically, having a freestanding bathtub makes a statement, as it represents a centrepiece in the bathroom.

It also gives a unique look and is associated with luxury since many spas have freestanding bathtubs. Also, if your bathroom has enough space, you can place the freestanding tub in the middle of the room.

11. Industrial inspiration

If you’re not afraid to experiment with some avant-garde styles, industrial design is one of the trendiest bathroom designs for 2022.

Adding an exposed brick, wood or concrete wall to your bathroom is a great way to get that rustic, industrial look.

If you’d prefer a more subtle option for transforming your bathroom, consider a vanity with exposed pipes or metal accents.

Pendant lighting and wire storage bins for towels, toilet paper, and toiletries are other great options for adding an industrial accent to your washroom.

12. Wood effect tiles

As more homes are turning to natural materials, the latest trend in 2022 when it comes to tiles is using wood-effect tiles instead of natural wood.

Wood-effect tiles look realistic, and they’re more durable and easier to clean up spills and splashes of water in the bathroom without compromising the aesthetic of wood.

13. Signature vintage furniture

If you love antiques, adding signature vintage furniture to your modern bathroom can bring the perfect balance between comfort and style.

To add visual interest, try one or two vintage pieces of furniture pieces like an armoire, chest, or cabinets.

14. Go the organic route

In 2022, more bathrooms are following the organic trend by adding natural colours and shapes to their bathroom decor.

Consider giving your bathroom a look inspired by nature with round vessel sinks that stand alone on the bathroom counter, an egg-shaped bathtub and earthy, neutral hues like browns, greys, and off-white.

15. Mount up vanity mirrors

Mounting floating vanity mirrors on the wall above the sink is all the rage in 2022.

Not only do mounted vanity mirrors add a minimalist style to your bathroom, but it saves space and makes applying makeup easier when you install a mounted mirror with lighting included.

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