10 reasons why you need a smart faucet 07 Oct 2020

10 Reasons Why You Need a Smart Faucet

Welcome to your “smart” kitchen. You have the smart oven that you can set the cooking time from your smartphone. Then there’s the smart refrigerator, which tells you when your poultry is about to expire. Now all you need is a smart faucet to complete your smart kitchen.

So, what exactly is a smart faucet? Similar to your smartphone, a smart faucet does some really cool things that you can program. The most popular type of smart faucets in Toronto is hands-free or touchless faucets that turn the water on and off using infrared technology triggered by motion sensors.

A second type of smart faucets is digital faucets. These are more technologically advanced than hands-free faucets, as they contain digital displays that are controlled by a digital control panel. Then there are combination smart faucets that include features of both hands-free and digital faucets. Combination faucets cost more than touch-free and digital faucets, but they come with more features.

If you’re thinking of switching to smart faucets, you have come to the right place. At Brothers Plumbing, we offer smart faucet repair services in Toronto and other professional plumbing services for improving your home’s water consumption so you can save money. Let’s take a closer look at the 10 reasons why you need to upgrade to a smart faucet.

1. Hands-free control

You’ve seen them at movie theatres, airports, and shopping mall washrooms; motion-activated faucets are smart faucets that are taking over public places because of hands-free control. Smart faucets are easy to use because the motion-activated sensors turn the water on when your hands come close to the sink and stop when you leave.

2. Prevents the spread of germs and bacteria

In the age of COVID-19, it is more important now than ever to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, and a smart faucet helps do all that. With a hands-free control smart faucet, you and your family’s hands never have to touch a tap with dirty hands, as all you need to do is place your hands in the sink with soap dispensed from a touchless soap dispenser and, presto, you wash away all the germs and bacteria.

3. No fingerprints and smudges

With hands-free control, your kitchen sink and tap stays clean because you don’t ever have to touch it. That means you prevent a whole heap of different smudges and fingerprints left on the tap or sink. You can also clean and sanitize it less often than a regular faucet and sink that is constantly being used by various people.

4. Prevents water overflow

One of the mechanical benefits of smart faucets is you never have to worry about water overflowing in the sink or tub. If you’re the type who multi-tasks in the kitchen while you’re cooking, you can turn your back on a running smart faucet to check on something you’ve been cooking in the oven, and it will shut off on its own without flooding the kitchen counters.

5. Monitor water usage

If your household has multiple members constantly using water, one of the most important benefits of upgrading to a smart faucet is the ability to monitor water usage through your smartphone. Just download the app from your smart faucet’s manufacturer, and you can keep track of water consumption levels in all the rooms where the faucets are installed. You will know how much water is being used in each room every month, which will help you develop a water consumption saving plan in your household.

6. Preset water temperatures

Say goodbye to waiting for cold water to warm up because you can preset your own ideal water temperatures on your smart faucet. For example, there is a temperature setting for lukewarm water, which is perfect for washing hands. In the long run, having preset water temperatures helps prevent scalding hot water from causing injury, such as burns.

7. Smart faucets are kid-friendly

If you have kids, then upgrading to a smart faucet will take a load off in your household when it comes to washing their hands. With preset water temperatures and hands-free control, you never have to worry about the younger kids getting burnt by hot water, and they’ll have no issues with turning off the water manually with their tiny hands because it shuts off automatically. They can also learn how to brush their teeth on their own because the motion sensors or touch technology turns the water on and off for them.

8. Exact water disposal

For those who love to cook specific recipes, having a smart faucet is a dream come true. When the recipe says “1 cup of water”, you no longer have to use a measuring cup because you can get exactly that. By entering custom commands into your smart faucet with preset water dispensing, you can use commands such as “Fill up the tea kettle” or “2 cups of water.”

9. Early leak detection

Along with monitoring water consumption levels in your household, smart faucets can detect the initial signs of water leakage. Since it constantly monitors water usage for irregularities, a smart faucet will alert your smartphone of a water leak. From there, you can call a professional plumber for smart faucet repair services.

10. Save money on water bills

Smart faucets contribute greatly to cost-cutting on your monthly utility and water bills. With ongoing water consumption monitoring and preset commands that you determine for exact water disposal, you never waste water or have unexpected water leaks such as times when someone forgets to shut off the faucet at night.

There you have the 10 reasons why you need to switch to a smart faucet in your home. The advanced features on a smart faucet include hands-free control, water usage monitoring, and preset water temperature commands that you control from your own smartphone.

If you would like a free quote on smart faucet installation in your home, our professional plumbers at Brothers Plumbing are here to help you in Toronto and throughout the GTA region. Call us toll-free at 1-800-742-0018 or contact us here.

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