Why Water Heaters Are So Important

22 Jan

Water heaters are essential to our wellbeing and daily living. Although we sometimes take them for granted, water heaters allow us to wash dishes with ease, or warm up in the shower after a cold day outside. They even affect our washing machines, and help maintain the integrity of our clothes with warm cycles. Without a water heater, we would resort to manually heating water, which would be a waste of energy, time, and effort, which is why these systems are so functional and important in your home.

As users, we tend to notice such systems only when something goes wrong and our day-to-day activities are interrupted. Although people often get routine plumbing maintenance checks, water heater checks remain forgotten. This can lead to dramatic (even dangerous) issues later, leading to expensive repair or replacement costs.

Let’s dive deeper into this topic, and why water heaters are so important in every household in Toronto.

Temperature Regulation

Starting with the basics, heating systems allow us to toggle between hot and cold water usage. The temperature depends on the task at hand; typically, cleaning is done with lukewarm water, while showering or washing hands requires warmer water.

An efficient water heater moves quickly between hot and cold water, and doesn’t run out of hot water quickly. As soon as you start to notice your water taking longer to warm up, or your hot showers getting shorter, it is a sign that something is amiss with your heater and its output is starting to deteriorate. Another sign that your system isn’t working properly is if the pilot light does not turn on, which indicates that the water isn’t warming up internally.

Water Conservation

We all recognize the importance of conserving water. Good quality water heaters work quickly so that as soon as the tap is switched, you receive hot water. If you have to run the tap for a couple minutes before your water is heated, it’s a sign that your system is either of mediocre quality or that a repair is pending. Running water when not needed (even if it’s for a couple minutes) can really add up on your monthly water bill.

Energy Conservation

Similarly, water wastage or inefficiency can significantly impact your energy consumption. Most systems use gas or electricity to heat water, and if your system is running for a long time without heating up, it utilizes more energy. Not only is this not great for the environment, but it also comes with higher utility bills. This can easily be avoided with the right model, and then routine maintenance and repairs if needed.

Here is when the kind of heater you have comes into play. For example, a tank water heater keeps your water stored at a constant temperature regardless of which temperature you require at the time. A tankless heater will not heat water unless you turn the hot water tap, so you can expect energy to be saved with this system. 

Types of Water Heaters

However, which system should you choose? It can be intimidating trying to decide between a tankless heater or tanked, and then considering the size and output level. Make sure to reach out to professionals who can recommend another system if your current water heater is not meeting your needs. We’ve been in the water heater business for a long time, and our experts believe that the benefits of a tank system greatly outweigh those of a tankless. Local professionals will give you accurate recommendations based on your usage, as well as other factors such as the local weather. As we experience low temperatures in the GTA, it is important to pick the right heater that can withstand issues such as pipes freezing or lines breaking. 

Maintenance and Replacement

Often, water heater issues are a result of a lack of routine checks. In this case, maintenance by a professional will do the job. If the issue is more serious, a repair can restore the system back to new. We strongly recommend not attempting a DIY fix or hack to your water heater; often, this can create new, more dangerous issues. Lack of professional knowledge can lead to short circuits, line breaks, and even personal harm through burns by sudden spurts of extremely hot water. 

During remodelling or renovating your space, it may be a good time to consider a replacement. If you’re unsure about what to do, here are some important questions to think about when it comes to repairing or replacing your heating system:

  1. How often do you need to do maintenance checks? This is directly dependent on your chosen model and its efficiency. Doing a quick maintenance check every time you do your plumbing maintenance should keep your system happy and healthy for a long time.
  2. How often are you doing repairs? If you need to repair your system frequently, it is an indication that it isn’t working for you. Perhaps the usage is too high for your particular model, or maybe the style of the tank isn’t providing the best results. A great system will allow your water heater to run smoothly and efficiently without requiring repairs often.
  3. How old is your system? If you have an older system, chances are that you have outgrown your water heater! If you’re planning a remodel or renovation, consider opting for a new, better quality model that will ensure you don’t face hassles with your system. Referring to professionals here is important, as they can provide consultations that are tailored to your needs.

Being vigilant about your system and treating it often is key in avoiding larger, more dramatic problems later. We realise how important hot water is, and how it impacts so many of our daily activities. Feel free to reach out for a consultation, or if things get really bad, we offer emergency services for a quick fix as well. 

For more information on water heater maintenance and repair, reach out to Brothers Plumbing at 800-742-1108 across the GTA region, or contact us here for a consultation.

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