7 Things That Should Not Go Down The Drain

27 Jan

Many of us do not think twice about rinsing even the most benign things, like salad dressing, down the sink. However, not only are we potentially clogging our sinks, septic tanks and causing expensive repairs in the process, but we are also contributing to lot of serious environmental damage and posing a risk to our very health. With that in mind, here are seven things that should never go down our kitchen sinks, shower drains or toilets.

Non-Approved Drain Items

  1. Grease, Fat And Oils

    This mixture is responsible for sewer overflows. By grease, we are referring to meat fat, as well as gravy. The fats category includes meat trimmings and all dairy products, including cheese and milk. It also includes shortening, lard and nut butters. Oils include cooking oil, condiments such as mayonnaise, salad dressings, sauces and baked goods.

    Do not flush food scraps down the sink. Before rinsing your plate under the sink, scrape away food scraps into the garbage first. Use baskets/strainers to catch any other food and empty this into the garbage whenever necessary.

  2. Coffee Grinds

    While you may think that coffee grinds are harmless, plumbers will tell you coffee grinds and grease are the most common contributors to clogged pipes.

  3. Egg Shells

    Even your garbage disposal cannot handle egg shells.

  4. Medication

    Medications should be disposed of responsibly, either via a take-back program or by mixing them with coffee grinds and disposing of them in the trash. Absolutely under no circumstances should medications be flushed down your toilet. Various medications, including antidepressants and birth control pills, are commonly found in our waterways and can’t all be accounted for solely by human urine.

  5. Conventional Household Cleaners

    Conventional household cleaners should not be rinsed down your kitchen sink or flushed down the toilet. They contain a number of harmful chemicals, such as phosphates, that are harmful to our water’s ecosystem. We suggest investing in a natural, eco-friendly cleaner or making your own. Vinegar-based cleaners are great all-purpose cleaners.

  6. Produce Stickers

    You may be surprised to see produce stickers on this list, but they have a tendency to get stuck in pipes and eventually end up in our water.

  7. The Most Common Items That Should NOT Be Flushed

    There are a number of household items that commonly get flushed down the toilet. These include tampons, flushable cat litter, condoms, paper towels, cotton balls/pads, flushable wipes, nail polish and nail polish remover.

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