4 Drain Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

2 Jun

For many homeowners, drains tend to get neglected until drain cleaning becomes absolutely necessary, usually because of a clog or a leak. When homeowners go about drain cleaning, there are a few common mistakes they tend to make, all of which lead to more problems (and even serious damage) than they had to begin with.

 Drain Cleaning Mistakes

  1. Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

    If you have a clog on your hands, using chemical drain cleaners can be tempting—after all, they promise to fix all of your problems with a magic little bottle and save you from calling the plumber! In reality, however, they have the exact opposite effect. They usually only attack part of a clog, providing only temporary relief, leading to you use them again a short while later. Eventually, they begin to eat away at your pipes with overuse, leaving you with a bigger problem than you had to begin with. They are also toxic and bad for the environment. In general, avoid using them altogether. Try using a natural remedy of hot water, vinegar and baking soda instead.

  2. Fixing a Clog with Makeshift Items

    Most DIY drain cleaning methods involve using coat hangers (and perhaps even the garden hose!). However, these makeshift items will either push the clog further down the pipes or, in many cases, simply increase your risk of damaging your pipes. Always use tools that are specifically designed for clogs, like plumbing augers. Even then, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you can damage your pipes even further. When in doubt, always choose professional drain cleaning services over DIY methods.

  3. Not Maintaining Your Drains

    Many homeowners neglect drain maintenance, failing to ever check their drains unless there’s a problem. It is important to check all the drains in your home on a monthly basis. Assess the water flow, check for odors and the condition of your pipes. If you notice any problems, professional drain cleaning services will be the answer.

  4. Not Scheduling Yearly Professional Inspections

    In addition to inspecting your drains on a monthly basis, it is also important to schedule professional inspections on a yearly basis. Professional plumbers have the tools to detect problems that you would be unable to see on your own, allowing you to keep your drains and pipes in good condition, and avoid problems before they become serious.

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