Why Does My Toilet Keep Running?

15 Nov

A running toilet is not only annoying, but it can also be quite costly as well. If you’ve noticed your toilet making a continuous flushing sound, then you’ll want to get the problem resolved quickly.

Often, simply jiggling the handle or checking the tank would help. However, there are some other steps you can take to try and get your toilet to stop running, such as fixing the float ball, adjusting the chain, or replacing the toilet flapper.

Causes of Running Toilet

A running toilet is a sign of an internal water leak. That’s why you’ll need to call a professional plumber in to check the inner parts of your system to solve the problem.

Running toilets can lead to gallons of wasted water each day. If you leave this problem unchecked, it could cost you more than just repairs. You can expect to see your water bill increase.

If you’re having problems with a running toilet, contact Brothers Plumbing and let us help fix the problem and save you money. Repairing your toilet will also give you the peace of mind that comes with a quiet home.

Tips to Stop Running Toilet

There are some different approaches that professional plumbers will take when tackling a running toilet. Here are some of the ways to narrow down the issue:

Toilet Flapper

Toilets have flaps that seal the water in the tank. When the toilet is flushed, the arm is activated and lifts. The arm is attached to a chain that also lifts, thus unsealing the toilet flapper. The water then goes into the toilet bowl. Once enough water is released, the arm drops, and the seal goes back into place, trapping the water inside the tank. If this flapper is cracked or broken, then water will keep leaking into your tank. This is what causes the running water noise.

Fixing this problem requires you to turn the water off by turning the shutoff valve. Then, we’ll need to give the toilet another flush. After we’ve ensured that the toilet and tank are dry, we’ll be able to replace the broken flapper with a new one.

It’s important to know that toilet flappers can get old and wear out, thus causing problems with your plumbing. While an old toilet flapper may not lead to a lot of waste, you’ll still need to replace it to get rid of the annoying sound from your toilet.

Adjust the Chain

Another problem that could be causing the running toilet is the length of the chain. Chains that are too long can get caught under the flapper, causing water to drain into the toilet. On the other hand, if the chain is too short, then the flapper won’t be able to seal properly. Fixing this is relatively easy. We just need to unhook the chain and adjust it to the right length.

Float Ball and Float Arm

Our team can also check your float ball and float arm for damage, breaks, cracks, or defects. The float ball and float arm are located in your toilet tank. These are the parts that let your system know when to stop draining water into the toilet. Testing the float ball and arm will let you know if they are the source of the problem.

We’ll open the tank and lift the float ball. If the toilet running stops, that indicates the problem is in the float boat. Sometimes, the float ball rubs against the side of the tank, hindering it from doing its job. Using the right equipment, we’ll bend the arm forward a little so the float ball doesn’t rub against the wall of the tank.

If we do find a crack or damage that could be causing the float ball to sink, we’ll replace it with a new one. If the float goes too high, tank water will spill into the overflow tube. This continual running water will lead to a higher water bill and lots of water waste. The fix is to use the right tools and adjust the height of the float.

Stuck Handle

It may seem like a small issue, but if the flush handle on your toilet is stuck, that can cause the water to keep running. Not all handles fit each toilet in the same way. If it was installed too tightly, it can get stuck, causing the whole system to malfunction.

Fix the Refill Tube

If the refill tube is constantly draining water into the toilet, it will cause that annoying running sound. This is because the refill valve will create a suction, pulling water out of the fill valve. Most of the time, this is caused by a refill tube that is either too long or not positioned correctly. Your plumber can fix this by pulling the refill tube out of the overflow, holding it above the opening, and trimming it off. You can also clip the refill tube to the side of the overflow to keep it in place, preventing any future issues.

There are other signs that indicate a bigger problem with your toilet. Water leaking around the base or frequent clogging may mean there is something wrong further down your pipes. In such cases, you’ll want to call a professional plumber to come and take a look before you end up with more serious problems.

For more information about fixing a running toilet and other plumbing services in Toronto, call Brothers Plumbing at 1-800-742-8471 or contact us here.

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