What Are the Symptoms of a Broken Sewer Line?

11 Sep

A broken sewer line can have a significant impact on your home. Knowing the symptoms of a broken line can offer lasting protection for the years ahead. But how can you diagnose the problem and who do you go to in resolving problems with your sewer line? Our Toronto drain cleaning experts address these questions in our latest post.

The Symptoms of a Broken Line

Before we go into details on how to resolve the issue, let’s explore the symptoms of a broken sewer line. These symptoms include:

  1. Sewer blockages

    You may experience sewer blockages if you have a broken sewer line. You’ll notice a blockage when you flush the toilet and the water seems to come back up through the basin each time. Or you may find that you experience blockages after having your pipes cleaned. Often, this issue is related to tree roots blocking your line or a misaligned connection. It’s important to speak with a local drain cleaning company to inspect the sewer with a camera and identify the problem.

  2. Sewer gas odours

    This is a clear issue that could have serious health consequences. If you smell gas around the property, it’s important that you call your local plumbing company immediately. The issue is likely related to a cracked sewer pipe.

  3. Mould on walls and floors

    Mould growth is often a sure-fire sign of a problem with your sewer lines and home pipes. Mould only requires a humidity level of 55% or more to grow and thrive. If you have a crack in the pipe, moisture can quickly develop in the area and create the ideal breeding conditions for mould.

  4. Slow drainage

    Slow drainage is another key problem experienced when there’s an issue with your sewer pipe. Slow drainage is often a sign there’s a blockage developing in your sewer line. The problem might not be damaging at first, but it will get worse over time. It’s better to deal with the slow drainage issue now rather than wait and have to manage flooding or a broken sewer line.

  5. Lush grass

    Lush areas of grass might be a good sign if you’re an avid gardener. But there could be problems underneath the lawn that will be expensive to resolve. Sewage can be a fertilizer for vegetation, and there could be a sewer leak outside the home if you notice a lush, rich green area of your lawn develop over a short period of time.

  6. Foundation cracks

    Another common structural issue associated with sewer leaks is foundation cracks. This occurs when the main sewage line underneath the foundation develops a leak that goes untreated for several months. Foundation cracks can cause the home to settle into the ground and may even cause the underlying structure to tilt in one direction. This instability is inherently dangerous and so it’s important that you fix foundation cracks as soon as possible.

  7. Insect infestation

    Another clear sign of a problem with the home’s foundation is an insect infestation. You may find that insects such as cockroaches and flies become more common around your home. A compromised sewer line gives these bugs direct access to your home. They can travel in swarms through the sewer line from their source and enter the property through the smallest of cracks.

    Once in the home, they can be very difficult to remove. If you’ve noticed small bugs more often in the home in recent months, make sure you book a sewer line inspection with your Toronto drain cleaning firm as soon as possible.

  8. Septic waste in the yard

    If you notice a foul odour around your yard, you’re likely to inspect the problem and find the source of the smell. In rare cases, you could find septic waste has begun to pool in the lower areas of your yard. This can be devastating for those who take pride in a neatly-kept garden. And it’s a sure sign that you have a problem with your sewer line’s connection to your septic tank.

    Book a consultation with a plumber that has septic tank experience. They can help you identify the source of the problem and will use inspection cameras to review the entire sewer line and find cracks and flaws in the structure. These issues can then be resolved to prevent further issues in the years ahead.

How to Choose a Plumbing Firm

Now that you know a little more about the symptoms of a broken sewer line, it’s important that you take the time to find qualified plumbers to fix the issue. Ask the following questions in choosing a specialist for the sewer line project.

What is Your Timeline?

How much time would the repair work take and can you rely on a local company to complete the project within your timeframe? The longer the problem exists in your home, the greater the potential for damage throughout the property. Make sure that you consult with a local plumber as soon as possible, and ask for a timeline for completing the repair work.

What is the Total Cost?

Your local plumbing company should be able to visit your home and provide you with a basic quote for the work required before you agree to work with them. Find out how much you’ll be spending on the sewer line repair work, and make sure the quote fits within your budget. You should also ask about repair warranties when speaking with plumbing teams.

For more information about detecting and fixing a broken sewer line, call Brothers Plumbing at 800-742-0018 or contact us here.

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