Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Plumbing Upgrade

22 Jul

As a homeowner, it’s important you keep an eye on your home plumbing and its performance. One small leak within the pipes can cause a significant issue that costs you thousands of dollars to repair. Our team at Brothers Plumbing has helped many local homeowners manage their home plumbing requirements. In this new post, we’ll explore the many reasons you might consider a home plumbing upgrade.

1. The system is too old

In many cases, homeowners moved into a property a few years ago and haven’t changed their plumbing. If you’re living in a home that’s more than a few decades old, it’s likely that you at least require a home plumbing inspection to ensure the system is in peak working condition. Some older homes also use lead pipes, which pose a number of health dangers, particularly for young children and the elderly.

2. The system no longer supports your family’s needs

Your family’s needs are continually evolving and you may find that, as these needs change, your plumbing no longer meets their requirements. For example, your bathtub might be too small for your growing children and you may need a larger shower space in which to bathe young children.

3. You want to upgrade your lifestyle

A plumbing upgrade can bring a number of comfort improvements to the home. For example, you can change the shower to a waterfall shower to increase your comfort levels. You might be able to add a larger tub to your bathroom to enjoy a range of bathing options over the coming years. You might also find that you’re annoyed with having to deal with continual plumbing issues associated with your current system. If your drains are slow or if you cannot get the required amount of warm water for your showers and baths, it’s time to complete an upgrade in the home.

4. Reduce the cost of future maintenance

Taking the time to upgrade your home plumbing system now can help you to save significant money in the future. While you might pay more in the short-term, you’ll avoid issues with areas such as drainage and pipe leaks. Remember that small leaks can quickly impact your entire home, and if you have an older plumbing structure, you’re at risk of experiencing a significant flood throughout the property. Take the time to speak to qualified plumbers about your upgrade options.

5. You’re already experiencing water issues

In some cases, homeowners might already be experiencing water problems when they consider upgrading their plumbing structure. For example, your water might be turning a different colour due to the corrosion of metal piping. Water might also be unsafe due to toxins leaching into the plumbing from paint or piping. Make sure that you have a plumbing inspection completed and that your plumbers test the water quality before considering potential upgrades.

How to Check if an Upgrade is Required

There are also steps you can take to determine if an upgrade is required on your home in the coming months. Beyond making the decision based on future needs and your comfort levels, use the following checks to determine the safety and performance levels of your plumbing. These checks will go a long way to helping you make a clear and effective decision.

Review your Meter Activity

One of the clearest signs that you’re experiencing an issue with your home plumbing system is your water meter. The water meter will rise rapidly if you have a leak in the home. Make sure that you check the meter regularly and review the changes taking place to determine the potential for leak repairs and upgrades.

Check the Water Colour

A common sign that there’s a problem with your home plumbing is changes in the water colour. A yellow or brown tinge to the water is an indication you have rust in your pipes and that the pipes are corroding. The rust is the result of the oxidation process as metal interacts with oxygen, breaking down the metal structure. If you’re experiencing changes in water colour within the home, have your system checked by a professional plumber.

Review Under the Sinks

Within modern plumbing systems, the hot water pipe is usually the first source of problems. The former owner of your home might have completed plumbing repairs to the hot water pipe, but left other areas untouched. To find the signs of past plumbing work, look underneath your sinks. You’ll usually find different looking pipes and that there is some leaking from the older pipes.

Check your Pressure

Water pressure is critical to home comfort. Without being able to achieve the optimal temperature, you’ll find it’s difficult to enjoy a comfortable showering experience. To ensure that your plumbing system is working to peak performance, check the water pressure. Problems with water pressure are usually related to the use of galvanized pipes that have corroded and have a leak, allowing the pressure to drop. If you’ve noticed a significant change in water pressure recently, have your plumbing specialist review the system and swap out damaged components.

Turn to Brothers Plumbing for the Latest Guidance

Our team at Brothers Plumbing has been working in the plumbing industry for several decades. We can help you to analyze your home plumbing issues and provide clear solutions to complex structural challenges.

One of the reasons so many homeowners are now choosing Brothers Plumbing is because we’re known for our straightforward communication and our understanding of plumbing issues. We’ll analyze all plumbing problems within your home and provide you with clear answers in a short timeframe. It’s a commitment to communication that has helped our company grow significantly throughout our years in the industry. To discover more about Brothers Plumbing and our full range of repair and installation services, please contact us today.

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