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5 Aug

Tracking the latest trends can help keep you at the cutting edge of the industry and ensure your home features the newest technology. If you’re looking to get a detailed guide regarding the newest plumbing trends, our team at Brothers Plumbing can help. We have decades of experience in the marketplace and continually work to understand and integrate new plumbing technology trends within our work.

Let’s explore the newest plumbing trends.

Achieve Wireless Connectivity with IoT

IoT (Internet of Things) is becoming one of the leading trends in home renovation in recent years as homeowners across the country utilize wireless systems to track home equipment performance. This use of new IoT technology extends to your plumbing options. And homeowners are now integrating IoT-based systems such as smart water heaters and smart showers, which track both water quality and water usage to ensure that full efficiency and safety standards are met. Another key benefit of IoT technology is that you can track your home systems while you’re away from the property; it’s a great way to keep your home safe and secure while you’re out of town.

The Return of the Bath

The traditional bathtub has become another one of the leading trends in the last year as homeowners seek a return to the classical styles of yesteryear. The clawfoot tub is a great option for homeowners seeking out that minimalist style of property that appeals to many buyers when they choose to place it on the market. Freestanding elements within the bathroom highlight the prestige of the home, and it’s how many homeowners are now adding significant value to their property.

No-Touch Faucets

It’s been recognized for many years that faucets and door handles are the leading sources of germs and bacteria around the home. While many properties now have no-handle doors, no-touch faucets are also becoming a popular bathroom addition. No-touch faucets operate by motion sensor and allow you to simply place your hand in front of the sensor to start the water. They shut off a few seconds when the hand moves away from the faucet.

Tankless Water Heaters

With environmentally-focused approaches to home design, many are now conserving the amount of water they use within their properties. Tankless water heaters are a key indicator of this commitment to conservation. They help reduce your energy costs, as you don’t need to keep a large amount of heated water in your home. You can simply turn to the tankless system to supply hot water on demand. It’s an addition that saves you money and prevents a significant amount of wasted water in the home.

Green Sprinkler Systems

Another technology highlighting the move towards environmentally-friendly technology, green sprinkler systems are designed to use less water compared to conventional sprinkler technology. They use unique patterns to limit the amount of wasted water in the garden and evenly distribute water throughout the property. Some also have sensor technology that shuts off the sprinkler when it rains, ensuring that water is only used during the times it’s not raining in the area.

Leak Detectors

Being able to detect a leak within your home is critical to protecting the structure of the property. Our team at Brothers Plumbing has helped many homeowners install leak detectors in their homes, in the process preventing thousands of dollars in damage. Leak detectors work by sensing the amount of water present in the home. They’re used in areas within which leaks are common, such as near washing machines, close to water heaters, and underneath sinks. If they detect any moisture within the area, they send an alert to a Wi-Fi enabled device. Each sensor is labeled within the alerts, and so, it’s easy to find the leak and fix any issue causing moisture to enter the property.

How to Determine the Value of New Additions to Your Home

While each of these new additions will present you with significant value over the long term, it’s important that you choose the right service for your home and plumbing needs over the years ahead. So, let’s look at how you can best determine the value of potential additions to your home.

Compare the Cost with the Energy Savings

Many of the latest additions to your home come with additional savings in energy costs. For example, when you install a tankless water heater in the home, you’ll save hundreds of dollars a year on water heating. And so, it’s important that you consider these savings when making the investment. Review the data provided by manufacturers and compare the figures with the potential savings.

Discuss the Additional Value to Your Home

This can be especially important for those that are placing their properties on the market in the coming months. New additions that will save money and improve your property can help significantly increase its value. For example, studies show that upgrading your bathroom and installing a new tub can add thousands of dollars to your home sale price. Make sure you consider the add-on value for the addition in terms of your home price. And speak with your real estate agent before you decide to move forward with the addition. They can help you make sense of the numbers and ensure you make the right choice.

Speak with Your Local Plumbers

Before moving forward in making any new addition to your property, book a consultation with your local plumbing company. At Brothers Plumbing, we can help you to decide whether the addition is right for your particular home. For example, some home bathrooms suit an energy-efficient shower system more than they do a new tub. And so, it’s important that you gain as much information as possible about the impact of a new plumbing technology before you agree to it. Our team at Brothers Plumbing is here to help guide you and ensure you select features that fit your property with precision.

Whether you’re looking for that eco-friendly addition to the bathroom or are simply searching for a luxury addition that matches the latest trends, we can help you with the design and installation work. To learn more about our company and our services, call us today.

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