Questions you need to ask before hiring plumber 15 Jun 2022

9 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring Plumber

Don’t waste your time calling plumbers that won’t do the job right. Simply call the best and flush the rest.

It would be great if finding the perfect plumber was actually as simple as that cheesy line. The reality, however, is that most people use trial and error until they find a good plumber. Picking the right plumber could mean the difference between a 20-minute faucet fix and a hefty bill for flooding cleanup.

There can be so many concerns and things to consider when it comes to finding a plumbing company that will meet your expectations. The most important thing is finding someone you’re confident can get the job done right.

With that in mind, keep reading for 9 essential questions you need to ask before hiring a professional plumber in Etobicoke.

1. Are you fully licensed?

Before you say anything to a plumber about what work you want completed, you need to ask this question.

Don’t take this question for granted—many plumbers take shortcuts and work without a licence. Plumbers in Ontario are registered with the Ontario College of Trades (OCT). You can thus double-check if your plumber is registered with the OCT’s public register search.

There’s no telling what standards unlicensed plumbers use when they’re working. Plumbing costs can be relatively expensive, so the last thing you’ll want is for your recently completed work to fail an inspection or work incorrectly.

Keep in mind that professional plumbers in Etobicoke may need a permit from the city for certain jobs. Working without a licence and working without a permit is illegal and can cost you in the long run.

2. Are you insured?

This is another very important question to ask. Let’s face it, accidents happen. When it comes to plumbing, accidents could mean ruined belongings, electrical damage, or even flooding. The question is: who’s footing the bill?

Good plumbing companies provide insurance to protect their plumbers (and you) from the risks of the job. If you hire a company with no insurance, you could be stuck with bills from burst pipes, gas leaks, or medical expenses.

You shouldn’t have to dig to get an answer to this question. Reputable plumbing companies will tell you if they’re insured on their website because it eases clients’ minds.

You have the right to visual proof of insurance, so don’t be afraid to ask. An insured plumbing company won’t be afraid to provide proof.

3. How are your reviews?

Unless it’s their first day on the job, a plumber should be able to show you some reviews. Reviews are great for an unbiased opinion on the quality of past work.

The Google review page is a good place to start. Four and five-star reviews indicate a good business, but pay special attention to reviews with comments. A comment with a high-star rating is a sign of an experience that was too good to be summed up with a simple click!

We’ve received and heard good reviews at Brothers Plumbing for over 50 years. Click here to see what our clients have had to say about us!

4. Do you offer any guarantees?

What’s the worst thing that can happen after a plumbing job is finished? We’d say it’s definitely you calling the plumber back because the job wasn’t done right. The only thing that could make that nightmare even scarier is finding out they’re no longer in business!

No matter what plumber you choose, be sure they’re willing to back up their work. We stand behind our commitment to exceptional service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We’ve been around for a long time, and we intend to keep it that way. If you’re not completely happy with our work, we’re coming right back to make it right—free of charge, of course.

5. Who’s going to clean up afterward?

Is it safe to assume that your plumber will clean up after the job? Probably, as most do, but it never hurts to ask. A plumber can walk away once the “water is running,” but you won’t feel like the job is done if you’re stuck with the mess.

Bigger projects may require you to hire a junk removal company if your plumber isn’t handling cleanup. This can be an additional cost that you didn’t budget for, so ask ahead.

6. Are you available in an emergency?

The tricky part about plumbing emergencies is that they rarely happen when it’s convenient to you. Think about how much worse an emergency can get if you have to wait up to 12 hours before a plumber shows up.

Ask your plumber about their emergency response time and what issues they consider an emergency. Our 24/7 crew responds to plumbing emergencies within the hour!

7. Do you have the right tools for the job?

You’d be shocked at how many times customers buy tools themselves or hire a second plumber because the first didn’t have the right equipment to finish the job!

It’s not always possible for a plumber to predict every tool they’ll need for a job. Your plumber may ask you to grab something from your local store or do so themselves. Ask if you’ll have to cover the cost of tools that are bought last minute.

8. How much is it?

This is the first question on everyone’s mind, but it’s the last one you should ask. You should only feel comfortable discussing pricing if you received good answers to the previous questions.

The answer to this question should be simple. You either get an upfront quote or you don’t.

At Brothers Plumbing, we charge by the job, not the hour, so you’ll always know what you’re paying before we start working. What you see is what you pay. We don’t do hidden fees.

9. How can I save money?

Plumbing services can be pricey. We can’t speak for other companies, but we don’t charge extra for weekends, nights, or holidays.

We also offer senior discounts and accept government grants to save you money when you hire a professional plumber in Etobicoke or the GTA!

Keep some money in your wallet by checking out our coupons!

For more information, call Brothers Plumbing at 800-741-8471 or click here to send us an email.

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