3 Tips To Prevent Cracked Plumbing Seals

You may think that if your pipes are in good condition you’ll be leak-free. However, it’s actually the plumbing seals—which are responsible for creating an airtight seal, and therefore preventing leaks—that are most important. If you want to avoid a potentially disastrous leak, it is imperative that you keep your plumbing seals in good working order. With that in mind, here are three low-effort simple tips to prevent cracked plumbing seals:

Preventing Cracked Plumbing Seals

  1. Inspect your plumbing seals regularly.

    As most things do, plumbing seals eventually wear down. This is why it is important to inspect them on a semi-regular basis and replace them when it is clear that they are worn down. Keeping on top of this task will stop you from having to deal with an unexpected and costly leak. Try setting a monthly reminder on your calendar.

  2. Don’t let your plumbing seals dry out.

    If seals are not exposed to water on a regular basis, they will eventually begin to dry out before they eventually crack. Therefore, it is important to ensure that if you are going to be away for more than a couple of weeks you do not completely turn off your water system. Instead, have someone occasionally stop by your home to run the water so that the seals don’t dry out.

  3. Don’t buy a used home without inspecting the seals first.

    If you are on the market for a new home, always ensure that you check the state of the property’s plumbing seals. This is particularly important if the home hasn’t been unlived in for some time. If the home you are looking into has been unlived in, ensure that you request that the water system is turned on again before the next scheduled inspection; this will allow you to notice any leaks that may be a result of cracked plumbing seals.

The good news is that cracked plumbing seals are relatively easy to replace when a certified plumber handles the job. If you are in need of a plumber to address any plumbing leaks, contact our team of plumbing experts at Brothers Plumbing today. We have over 50 years in the business and a superior track record in the industry. We offer competitive rates, upfront quotes and 7-7-7 service.

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