10 Signs Your Commercial Property Has a Line Break

28 Nov

Owning and operating a commercial property comes with responsibilities that need to ensure that your water line is functioning properly.

Once commercial plumbing issues occur, however, not only can they cause operations to cease temporarily, but depending on the problem, it can become costly to repair.

Since plumbing issues that happen on your commercial property are particularly inconvenient to repair, we recommend that you have regular plumbing check-ups to stop any potential plumbing issues from forming.

The sooner a plumber spots something out of the ordinary, the sooner you can prevent it from becoming a bigger issue down the road.

When plumbing problems do pop up in their initial stages, it’s imperative to get professional commercial plumbing services performed on your property. Leaving it alone and hoping it’s just a small problem that will resolve on its own will eventually make it worse and end up costing you more to repair it.

With that in mind, in this article, we will first discuss what a commercial water line is and then talk about the ten signs that your commercial property has a line break.

What is a commercial water line?

A commercial water line is a type of pipelining faucet that’s combined with pipe installation. Commercial water lines cover several types of commercial properties, such as buildings, businesses, shopping centres, and housing complexes.

A commercial water line is connected to commercial plumbing. It ensures that installing and maintaining the water system in your commercial property removes water properly while supplying your facility with an efficient plumbing system without harming the structure of the building.

1. Unpleasant odours

You should do a regular check of your drains and pipes with just a simple walk-through and observation. During these walk-throughs, if you smell something unusual or if there’s a lingering scent that smells a little off, this is a sign that you could have a cracked drain pipe.

Even if the unpleasant odour isn’t that strong, you shouldn’t wait until the scent overpowers the whole area. Contact a professional plumber to troubleshoot the issue if your drains are omitting sewer odours.

2. Low water pressure

Decreased water pressure is a sign that your plumbing system could be blocked or there is a leak.

If the low water pressure is present throughout the entire property, there is likely a problem with your water line. In this case, be sure to book some commercial plumbing services to take a look.

3. Water discolouration

If any faucets or toilets on your commercial property are flowing out with any kind of discoloration in the water, this could be harmful to the people in your building and you need to contact a licensed plumber as soon as possible.

Water discolouration is usually due to corrosion inside the pipes, which is a sign of a decaying water line. The corrosion of pipes eventually leads to brown or yellow water, which is unhealthy for drinking and washing.

4. Pipe corrosion

Water discolouration and pipe corrosion go hand-in-hand. The key to preventing water discolouration is to inspect your water line pipes regularly and look for signs of rust and corrosion.

Even if you spot small areas of rust or corrosion, you don’t want to ignore them and wait until dirty water is flowing out of your faucets.

5. Slow drains

If your sink and toilets experience slow drainage in your commercial property, your pipes could be partially or fully clogged. Over time, when you have a lot of people using your commercial property, the accumulation of dirt, debris, soap scum, and undissolved particles can cause slow drainage.

Don’t wait for slow-draining sinks and toilets to get completely clogged and you have to put an out-of-service sign on them. Instead, call for a licensed plumber to work on repairing it.

6. Increased water bill

If your water bill suddenly increases and there haven’t been any changes to your water usage lately, this is an early warning of issues in a commercial plumbing system. It’s best to get a prompt inspection by a professional plumber to check out your water line.

An increased water bill could be due to water leakages, and a plumber will be able to fix the issue, so your future water bills decrease.

7. Leaking or burst pipes

Leaking or burst pipes can occur anywhere in your commercial building. The wasted water could then flood the floors and cause structural damage in a very short time.

Similar to slow or blocked drains, leaking or burst pipes are due to a culmination of debris, soap scum, and undissolved particles building up in pipes and not draining properly.

Along with drainage problems and aging pipes, leaking and burst pipes need to be repaired or replaced by a professional plumber.

8. Running toilets

Commercial buildings have multiple toilets on different floors, and running toilets could occur at any given moment. Before calling a plumber, you could jiggle the handle after flushing the toilet to try and fix the issue.

If the toilet continues to run, it’s a good idea to contact your local commercial plumbing company to have it repaired by a professional plumber. The sooner you repair it, the faster you’ll minimize water wastage and avoid increasing your water bill.

9. Unusual sounds

If you hear unusual noises, such as bubbling or gurgling sounds coming from your faucets or after flushing the toilets, this shouldn’t be ignored. Any kind of strange sounds coming from your plumbing system is a sign of leakage in your pipes and valves.

Don’t wait for unusual sounds to simply subside, as this could cause more water damage. Instead, get in touch with your commercial plumber to take a look.

10. Wet floors

If your sinks and toilets leak, the wasted water can spread quickly and seep into other areas of your commercial building and cause workplace accidents.

What’s worse, if ignored, wet floors can cause structural damage, forcing a temporary closure of your commercial property.

Wet floors are typically caused by a leaking pipe, and should be evaluated and repaired by a licensed plumber.

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