12 tips to prepare your plumbing system for Summer 02 Jun 2023

12 Tips to Prepare Your Plumbing System for Summer

The hot days of summer are almost upon us. Summer is the season for soaking up the sunshine, departing for a much-needed vacation, and gathering with friends and family.

All these activities put extra strain on your plumbing system. Combine this increased usage with leftover problems from winter, and you might experience a problem.

To prevent a plumbing disaster while you are on vacation prepare your plumbing system for summer. Here’s how.

1. Watch for sweating pipes

In summer, the temperature within your home’s pipes is cooler than the outside air temperature. This fluctuation can cause your pipes to sweat leading to water wastage and damage.

Sweating pipes may not be as immediately catastrophic as an actual leak. However, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the problem. You may end up with mould, mildew, or rot from all that moisture. It can take as little as 24 hours for mould and mildew to develop!

This summer, consider insulating your pipes to prevent problematic sweating. Contact Brothers Plumbing to learn more about preventing sweating pipes.

2. Inspect hoses and valves

All it takes is one damaged hose or valve to cause a flood. This summer, don’t forget to inspect all hoses and valves for damage and loose connections. Ensure that every hose is tightly fitted, and turn valves on and off to see if they’re working properly.

If you detect any signs of wear and tear, bulging, discolouration, or leaking, contact Brothers Plumbing for immediate repairs.

Damaged dishwasher and washing machine connections are common plumbing problems. Since we use washing machines more in summer, it doesn’t take long for a minor issue to become a big problem. Therefore, pay close attention to the hoses around these appliances!

3. Drain and inspect your hot water heater

Summer is the perfect time to perform some hot water heater maintenance. After all, there’s no chance of the water freezing during one of those hot summer days. Heavy winter usage is tough on water heaters, so maintenance is crucial.

Sediment and minerals accumulate over time, eventually leading to breakdowns. Draining your hot water heater in the summer flushes off these damaging buildups. This practice extends the lifespan of the heater and improves its efficiency.

4. Check for leaks

Every homeowner knows that leaks can be a big problem. Water damage, mould, mildew, and rot are the unfortunate consequences of rogue moisture. Therefore, inspecting your home’s plumbing system for leaks is a vital summer task.

Check for signs of leaks around your sink, shower, bath, or toilet. If water is seeping around these fixtures or pooling on the floor, immediately call your plumber.

5. Test and clean the sump pump

A dry summer is perfect when cleaning and testing your home’s sump pump. This act of preparedness can save you and your belongings from the effects of a messy flood later on.

A professional plumber provides the best sump pump maintenance and testing. However, follow these instructions if you choose to test it yourself:

  1. Clear your basement floor and the sump pump pit from any debris.
  2. Dump the water into the pit.
  3. The sump pump should turn on.
  4. If it runs over ten seconds, it’s not pumping fast enough. Contact Brothers Plumbing in Concord for repairs or replacement.
  5. The sump pump should turn off once the water is drained.

6. Examine outdoor sprinklers for cracks and leaks

Once those hot summer days start, your lawn will need watering. Are your sprinklers up to the task? Winter often leaves home sprinkler systems cracked and rusty. Consequently, you must check your sprinklers for leaks in the spring or at the start of summer.

You should also check the sprinkler heads to ensure they are free from debris like dirt and grass clippings.

7. Check the water pressure

Before leaving for summer vacation, remember to check your home’s water pressure.

Unused toilets and faucets can build up pressure, potentially leading to burst pipes and floods. Installing a pressure regulator can help keep your home safe in your absence.

8. Keep your garbage disposal clear

You must be mindful of what goes down your garbage disposal regardless of the time of year. Clogged drains are not just a winter problem! Educating yourself, your family, and visitors on proper garbage disposal etiquette can save your pipes.

For example, you should never throw grease, oil, and starchy foods down the drain. Similarly, fibrous foods like banana peels, corn husks, pits, asparagus, kale, and fruit husks need to stay away from the sink.

9. Be mindful of potential gas leaks

Summer BBQs and family get-togethers are just around the corner. However, all this extra outdoor activity leads to a spike in gas leaks, especially around outdoor grills.
Therefore, smell the gas lines around your grill to check for leaks before tying your apron and grabbing your thongs.

10. Avoid having a clogged toilet

No one likes a clogged toilet. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable if you, your guests, or the kids throw the wrong things down the toilet.
You cannot flush items like paper towels, tissues, cotton swabs, and toys.

11. Adapt water usage for summer

Overall water usage inevitably goes up in summer. During summer, there are extra loads of laundry, more showers, long sprinkler sessions, and afternoons filling up the kiddy pool. This activity can increase utility bills and harm your home’s water pressure.

By spreading water usage throughout the day, you can help mitigate drops in water pressure. For example, don’t shower while the laundry is on and try to stagger sprinkling schedules throughout the neighbourhood.

12. Professional maintenance and repairs

Summer plumbing disasters are usually preventable with professional maintenance and repairs.

If something isn’t working quite like it used to or you’ve detected a leak, don’t wait to have it repaired. Minor issues can turn catastrophic if left unchecked. To avoid disaster, contact your professional plumber at Brothers Plumbing.

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