How to choose your next kitchen faucet 23 Nov 2020

How to Choose Your Next Kitchen Faucet

Your kitchen faucet is one of the most utilized items in your home. Since this appliance is so versatile, you’ll want to ensure that you choose the right one. Here are some essential tips for choosing your next kitchen faucet so that you can be satisfied with your decision.

Taking the Right Measurements

When choosing a kitchen faucet, you’ll want to take accurate measurements before ordering one. First, you need to evaluate the size and how this will contribute to functionality.

It also is essential to strike the right balanced look, so your faucet should be proportional. For instance, a faucet that is too big for a smaller sink may overpower it. If you aren’t sure how to take the right measurements or figure out where to begin, contact our team at Brothers Plumbing and we can help you through this process.

Choosing a Faucet Style

Every home has a unique flair and design aesthetic. You’ll want to choose a style that matches yours. Some available types for kitchen faucets include traditional, contemporary, craftsman, farmhouse, industrial, and modern, among others.

Many designers suggest matching your faucet finish with your existing kitchen fixtures and appliances. For instance, if all your fixtures are made of stainless steel, then stainless steel would make an excellent choice for your kitchen faucet. However, some people enjoy a more eclectic look to their kitchen and may mix and match their finishes. Ultimately, the design choice is up to you and what suits your preferences.

Here are some other features to consider in a faucet:

  • Spout height and reach
  • Single or multiple handles
  • Pull-down or conventional sprayers
  • Number of holes in the sink

Deciding on Finishes

The coating on your faucet is called the finish, and it’s something you can choose yourself. You can select between various metals, colours, or textures. When selecting the finish, consider your aesthetic preferences, as well as functionality. Even though some faucets may look the same, the finish may be more effective at resisting corrosion, tarnish, abrasion, discolouration, and potential damage.

Selecting Special Features

To customize your kitchen faucet, you can add special features if you desire. Some examples include the following:

  • Touch and hands-free
  • Water-conserving
  • ADA-certified
  • Bar and Prep
  • Semi-pro
  • Choosing Handles

    When choosing the handles, think about placement, style, and ease of use. If you are considering a two-handle faucet, it is best to place it next to a spout with a centre-set arrangement, or one further apart with a widespread setting. When you have handles for both hot and cold controls, then you can easily obtain the temperature you require.

    Single-handle faucets, on the other hand, let you adjust water flow and temperature with only one motion and with one hand. Even though the handle will require some more effort, you can nudge it between your wrist and forearm if you aren’t able to use your hands.

    Spend the Right Amount

    When you decide on a new kitchen faucet, you will want to spend enough money without exceeding your budget. If you see a faucet at a low price and think you’re getting a good deal, you’re actually likely getting a lower quality faucet. If you spend a bit more, you can also access unique features or styles. However, if you truly are on a shoestring budget, then even the cheapest of faucets will have tough functioning valves and finishes that are ready-to-work.

    Consider Your Existing Plumbing

    It is also essential to consider your existing plumbing. Purchasing a new kitchen faucet needs to be compatible with your current plumbing system.

    First, consider the sink’s faucet holes. Check your kitchen sink and see how many pre-drilled holes are available. This information is always essential, whether you’re buying an entirely new sink and faucet or installing a new one in a pre-existing sink. You’ll then want to see if the kitchen faucet is compatible with the water supply lines. You can do so by looking under the sink and taking note of the size of the water line and shut-off valves.

    For the spout, if the holes for your faucet are near the side of the sink, the fixture will need to be long enough to reach the opposite side of the basin. You will be required to buy a tall pull-down spray nozzle to make everything function.

    Last, the kitchen faucet must match the other accessories around the sink like the sink-hole covers, and any other item in its proximity. If the faucet has different finishes from the other fixtures, it will look out of place.

    If you’ve decided that you want a new kitchen faucet, then know your preferences and come up with a budget that works for you. Then, call our team at Brothers Plumbing and we can help you find the right faucet for your kitchen.

    Be sure not to tackle any of the technical plumbing aspects yourself. Gather the necessary information for measurements and speak to us about the next steps. We have years of experience dealing with various aspects of kitchen faucets and can lead you in the right direction.

    Providing Quality Kitchen Faucets

    If the time has come and you need to replace or get a new kitchen faucet, our team at Brothers Plumbing can guide you through the process. We can also take care of the installation process and are capable of dealing with any faucet type.

    When you work with Brothers Plumbing, you can be certain that our capable team will help you choose a faucet that will look great and function properly in your kitchen. For more information, contact us today at 800-742-0018 or to determine how we can help with the purchasing or installation of your new kitchen faucet.

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