The Benefits of Using a Drain Snake vs. Chemicals

17 May

No one likes having a clogged drain. What’s the best way to deal with it, though?

Drain snaking and chemical cleaners are two common ways to address blocked drains. However, chemical cleaners come with many risks and disadvantages. They’re full of toxic chemicals, which can hurt both you and your home’s plumbing system.

Drain snakes, on the other hand, are perfectly safe to use and far more effective.

6 Benefits of Using a Drain Snake

1. Drain snakes can tackle tough blockages

Drain snakes are an extremely effective tool for clearing stubborn blockages. Most clogs are no match for a drain snake.

However, how does a drain snake (also known as a cable snake) tackle tough blockages? This plumbing tool uses an auger, which spins clockwise to attack the clog. It pulls at the debris, breaking up the blockage, and dislodging the clog. With the help of a drain snake, you can remove all the debris from the drain.

When you use a drain snake, removing clogs is far easier than you might think!

2. Drain snakes won’t damage your pipes

There’s no need for harsh chemicals when you use a drain snake. Instead of unleashing potentially damaging chemicals into your home’s plumbing system, drain snakes simply push through the clog without harming your pipes.

Ultimately, drain snakes are a less invasive drain-cleaning method. You’re less likely to damage your drains or pipes during cleaning.

3. Drain snakes are eco-friendly

Another key advantage of drain snakes is that they’re eco-friendly. Chemical drain cleaners use, well, chemicals. These toxic substances are not good for you or the environment. They can even damage your septic system.

4. Drain snakes are safe

All those toxic chemicals in chemical cleaners can harm you and your family. If used incorrectly, chemical drain cleaners can eat through clothing and irritate your skin and eyes. You may experience burns if it touches your skin. Furthermore, chemical cleaners are extremely toxic if swallowed.

5. Drain snakes are easy to use

It’s easy to assemble and use a drain snake. Since drain snakes are less likely to damage pipes, they’re a low-risk tool for DIY-inclined homeowners.

However, just because you can use a drain snake doesn’t mean you have to! Brothers Plumbing offers drain snaking services in Toronto so you don’t have to give up your weekend plans to deal with a pesky clog.

6. Drain snakes aren’t messy

Drain snakes won’t cause a mess. You don’t have to worry about spilling dangerous chemicals or getting doused with dirty water. Dealing with plumbing issues is often no task for the faint of heart, but drain snakes make the whole process as tidy as possible.

4 Advantages of Drain Snakes Over Chemical Drain Cleaners

1. Drain snakes are more effective

Simply put, drain snakes are more effective at busting clogs than chemical drain cleaners. Chemical cleaners often struggle to pierce tough blockages. Instead of dissolving the clog, the chemicals sit on top and slowly eat away at your pipes.

Furthermore, chemical cleaners frequently fail to remove the entire clog. Now, you’ve damaged your pipes and haven’t even gotten rid of the clog! Drain snakes, on the other hand, will get rid of the whole clog.

2. Chemical drainers are toxic

The toxic substances in chemical drain cleaners can hurt your family, your home’s plumbing system, and the environment. They are not an eco-friendly or family-friendly option. However, drain cleaners pose none of these risks. They’re safe for everyone in your family.

3. Chemical drain cleaners aren’t always allowed

Some municipalities prohibit the use of chemical drain cleaners because of their toxic ingredients. They’re not good for your pipes, your septic system, or the environment!

4. Chemical drainers are harsh on pipes

The tough chemicals found in chemical drainers can eat away at your pipes over time. They can actually soften PVC pipes, which puts your home at risk of a leak or burst pipe. Consequently, the safest option for the long-term health of your home’s plumbing system is a drain snake.

Why You Should Have Your Drains Properly Cleaned

1. Faster and more efficient drainage

The most obvious benefit to cleaning your drains is that you experience faster and more efficient drainage. Clogs can be annoying and, frankly, gross. When you fail to deal with a blockage, your water fixtures will develop standing water. They might also overflow. It’s better to just deal with the clog!

2. Prevents future leaks

When you repeatedly use chemical cleaners, the chemical deposits build up inside the drain pipes. This then leads to corrosion, which dramatically reduces the lifespan of your existing pipes. You’ll have to pay for expensive repairs far sooner than expected. Furthermore, your home can develop leaks and experience costly water damage.

3. Stops blockages from forming

Because drain snakes remove the entire clog, your pipes are easier to maintain. Debris is less likely to accumulate in your drain, and blockages are less likely to form. Ultimately, regular drain snaking helps prevent clogs from forming to begin with.

4. Prevents foul odours

Blockages smell bad. If you detect a repugnant odour wafting up from your drains, there’s likely a buildup of mould and bacteria in the clog. The sooner you deal with the clog, the sooner you’ll stop having to pinch your nose every time you go near the sink.

Professional Drain Snaking Services in Toronto

At Brothers Plumbing, we have been cleaning blocked drains for more than 50 years. Our experienced technicians are experts when it comes to persuading a stubborn clog that it’s time to go.

Although drain snakes are available at most local hardware stores, they are not as durable or reliable as the ones used by professionals. If you have been defeated by a pesky clog, don’t lose hope. Brothers Plumbing has the equipment (and drain snaking expertise) for the job.

For drain snaking services in Toronto, call Brothers Plumbing at 800-741-8471 or contact us here.

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