What To Do If Your Snake Breaks In The Drain Line

Perhaps you’ve encountered a stubborn clog in one of your drains. The plunger wouldn’t do the trick, so you decided to take on the problem yourself as a DIY project, using a plumber’s snake to accomplish the task. All was well until your snake broke in the drain line. Now what? While we are certainly fans of DIY, there are some home projects that are best left to the professionals. Tough clogs that don’t seem to resolve themselves with a plunger are one such example. This is where looking into professional drain snaking services would be the fastest and most effective remedy.

Retrieving Broken Snake On Your Own

If you want to try to remedy the problem on your own first, here are few possibilities you could try (although we will say it again: your best option is to contact a professional as soon as possible to prevent even more damage).

Retrieving Broken Snake In Drain Line

  1. Try Snagging the Snake with a Retrieval Tip The first option would be to try to snag the broken snake with a larger snake that has a snake retrieval tip (it kind of resembles a corkscrew that has expanded). These are specifically designed for retrieving broken snakes. This method will typically involve renting the snake from a home improvement store first. Safety glasses and rubber gloves are also imperative. If this method doesn’t work, more drastic measures are likely needed, such as the method below.
  2. ExcavateWhile this option certainly isn’t the easiest of fixes, it is potentially still an option if you feel confident in doing it. Typically, snakes don’t tend to break unless there is a large problem with the sewer pipe itself (or the presence of a large root), in which case excavation is often the only solution. The sewer pipe will have to be dug up (or at least a portion of it removed), the snake removed and then the pipe repaired. It is not an easy undertaking.
  3. Contact the ProfessionalsIf the above methods didn’t work for you, it may be time to call the professionals. They will have the tools to resolve the situation quickly.

If you are looking for professional drain snaking services, contact Brothers Plumbing today. We are one of Toronto’s leading plumbing providers with over 50 years in the industry. Our services are available at very affordable rates and at a time that is right for you. Our drain snaking services are among the best.

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