The Weirdest Items Found While Drain Cleaning

13 Mar

Although the only thing that should ever go down your kitchen drain is liquid and the only thing that should really go down your toilet drain is toilet paper, the majority of people tend to treat their drains as garbage bins. While this doesn’t end particularly well for homeowners (think nuisance clogs and costly plumbing system repairs), it does make for some interesting reading material! Before we get on to some of the weirdest things that have ever been found in drains, let’s quickly discuss the importance drain cleaning.

Weirdest Items Found In Drains

The Importance of Drain Cleaning Services

Drain cleaning is important because it prevents future plumbing problems. For high-traffic areas like kitchen and bathroom sinks, drain cleaning should occur on a monthly basis. For drains that are rarely used, cleaning them twice a year should suffice. Consult a professional for high-quality drain cleaning services in order to prolong the life of your plumbing system as much as possible.

The Weirdest Items Found While Drain Cleaning

  • Orange Prisoner Pants

    Just like a story out of Prison Break, orange prisoner pants were once found in a toilet drain. In an Ottawa county jail in 2007, the staff found that several of their toilets were clogged, which they tried unclogging to no avail, until a plumber found the orange prisoner pants, of course. While we don’t know what the prisoner’s reasoning was, we do know that he was set to be released only four days after he decided to flush his pants down the toilet. His punishment? An extra 30 days behind bars for “criminal mischief.”

  • A Fax Machine

    Scottish authorities retrieved a fax machine from their sewers once upon a time.

  • Alligators and a Cow!

    Finding alligators in sewers used to be thought of as an urban legend, but we now have the photo evidence that these occurrences are indeed real. While this isn’t necessarily weird, it is certainly shocking! In fact, alligators in sewers are reportedly a common occurrence in Australia, and they have also been found in different parts of the US, including Florida and Texas. A cow was also once found in a sewer in China, alive and well!

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