Lead Pipe Replacement Services

Getting rid of lead

Lead. The word has struck fear into the hearts of thousands. While in hindsight it may seem absurd, the use of this and other materials in residential and commercial plumbing lines throughout the country was considered a good idea years ago. Back then, people were not aware of the health hazards that come with being in contact with lead; much like asbestos used in wallboards and ceilings in days of old, lead was highly regarded for its long-lasting durability.

Lead Pipe Replacement

An excellent benefit for sure as it pertains to sewer lines, especially since the cost of replacing them decades ago was significant. The times have definitely changed, however, and now copper and PVC are the reigning pipe materials. Lead and galvanized are still present in a number of plumbing systems, particularly older buildings whose owners have foregone renovations.

Does your home or office have lead lines?

Properties constructed circa 1950 have a high chance of being built with lead lines; if you are unsure of whether your home or office contains them, make the smart and safe move by phoning the plumbing professionals at Brothers Plumbing. We will dispatch a technician to your location to perform a comprehensive inspection; they will know instantly the type of pipes your system has, as well as their current condition.

If lead lines are located, you will be strongly encouraged to upgrade them with modern materials. Some municipalities strictly enforce these retrofit installations, so that too is an important reason to upgrade. Depending on what our crew believes will be most beneficial, you have the option of either partially or fully replacing your lead pipes.

Thanks to Toronto’s Priority Lead Water Service Replacement Program, GTA residents are only required to replace their property’s portion. Instead of contacting the city for a record request (a process that can take up to 30 days) concerning the status of your building’s plumbing pipes, a call to Brothers can have this completed the same day. City officials understand the importance of removing all traces of lead from public plumbing lines; not having to replace your entire sewer main saves you a lot of money!

Financial savings aside, the most important thing concerning lead pipe replacement is your and your family’s health. Many people have suffered serious medical illnesses as a result of accidental lead consumption. At Brothers, we simply wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing our customers’ plumbing systems could potentially be putting them at risk. If you have any concerns whatsoever regarding this issue, our crew can be reached 7 days a week.

Lead pipe replacement is a serious situation that should always be addressed promptly. Call us to discuss it today.


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Are lead water pipes dangerous?
Yes, they contaminate the drinking water.
Why is lead no longer used in water pipes?
They contain lead that is not healthy in drinking water.
Why lead pipes are used in supplying drinking water?
Lead was used to make pipe because it's very malleable.
How much will it cost to replace lead pipes?
Depends on how much pipe to be replaced.
Do lead pipes need to be replaced?
Yes it contaminates drinking water proven to be hazardous.
Co copper water pipes contain lead?
How do you know if you have lead pipes?
Check main water supply line or other exposed pipes for a dark grey coloured pipe. Soft and easily marked.