Emergency Plumber Toronto

Who will you call when an emergency strikes?

Although Brothers makes sure to treat every plumbing job we receive as a top level priority, emergency service requests obviously bear a bit more importance. While a clogged toilet or shower drain can definitely be a nuisance, a backed up sewer main that is spilling wastewater all over a bathroom floor is something entirely different. For these calls, there is no substitute for prompt response and professional expertise.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Customers in Toronto and GTA count on every day to be there when something goes wrong; it is our job to be available at a moment’s notice, which means having on-call technicians ready to dispatch at all hours of the day and night. One of the more well known aspects of Brothers Plumbing is our 7-7-7 service, but our doors are never closed for emergencies.

Around the clock availability has been a staple of Brothers for four decades, and is what distinguishes our firm from many other plumbing companies that operate only within normal business hours. All we have to do is put ourselves in our customers’ shoes to appreciate the value of true 24/7 service, something which is not hard to do considering we too are homeowners just like you!

There should never come a time when a client has to wait for help to arrive during a crisis situation; the Brothers’ crew is the medical personnel equivalent for your GTA residential and commercial plumbing system. Given the volume of after hours calls we receive, the only thing we ask is that you make sure the problem you are dealing with is a legitimate emergency. To facilitate the response process and ensure our team is providing service to residents who need it the most, we have provided a list of genuine emergency situations below.

The things we consider to be plumbing emergencies

  • Burst water pipes

    – this does not require any explanation. If one or more of your home or office’s water lines has burst, contact Brothers immediately. This is often the result of prolonged pipe freezing, but can occur for other reasons as well.

  • Frozen lines

    – in line with the above problem, frozen pipes can quickly escalate from bad to worse. While bursting is not guaranteed, it is definitely not a risk you want to take.

  • Backed up main drain

    – if your building is experiencing sewage and wastewater overflow, do not waste any time phoning our emergency hotline. Main drain blockages are very severe and should always be treated as such.

  • Sump Pump not working

    sump pumps are crucial for keeping stormwater from flooding your basement or crawlspace. In the event these devices fail, it is only a matter of time before the water level rises to an unsafe level.

The time to respond to that plumbing emergency in North york is now! Call our 24/7 crew to get service within the hour.


"Nancy and I would like to thank Brothers Plumbing for their professional management of a serious drainage problem that suddenly developed at our home."

Sid & Nancy

"Hi Cindy, I just wanted to thank your company and especially the three gentlemen who worked on our home: Harold Peter, Ken Fowler and Frederick Jnnoel."


"Good afternoon, One of your guys just did a quick repair job at our house and my husband said the guy was great. It didn’t take long, and he felt like he could trust him."


"Dear Sirs, About two weeks ago, two of your employees, George Lambrakos and Anatoli Masimov came and installed a new washroom in the basement of our house, and we want you to know how pleased we are..."

Bill & Phyllis

Every time winter rolls around in Mississauga and the first frost makes its appearance, locals must brace themselves for one of the most common... Read More

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How quickly do plumbers respond to an emergency?
Depends on their location and availability
Are there plumbers that provide 24hr emergency plumbing services?
What plumbing issues requires a plumber to immediate service?
Open businesses with plugged drains, burst pipes, etc… Houses with main drains plugged.