The Key Signs Your Home Requires a Water Softener

23 May

Studies show that a water softener can bring a range of benefits to your home. But most homeowners still don’t know the signs that their property requires a softener to minimize the impact of hard water in their home. And so in this latest post, our Toronto residential and commercial plumbing services experts are offering the benefit of their years of experience in the industry with the key signs that your home requires a water softener.

1. Your skin and hair are dry

One of the first signs you notice is that your skin and hair become dry and brittle. Your hair may break more easily when it becomes dry due to hard water. And your skin may become more chalky as the impact of hard water causes additional dryness to occur. You’ll notice that these symptoms begin to diminish after you install a water softener in the home.

2. Your clothing colours fade

While fading of clothing can also be related to the type of fabric softener and laundry soap you use, the vast majority of the time it’s related to hard water. Hard water impacts the dyes within the clothing and can wash away fibres that keep clothes looking fresh and new. If you notice that your new clothing is starting to fade, you might be experiencing an issue with hard water in the home.

3. There’s staining in sinks and bathtubs

The mineral deposits from the hard water can cause your sinks and bathtubs to become stained. For example, minerals such as calcium and magnesium in hard water will leave behind a residue that clings to the porcelain of sinks and bathtubs. We recommend that you use a water testing kit to see how many minerals are in your water and then to install a water softener to minimize this issue.

4. Your water bill is rising

Another clear sign that you have an issue with hard water in the home is that your water bill has risen significantly in recent months. This is often due to the fact that your pipes have to work harder to push through the required amount of water. The minerals within the hard water require more energy and more water to be pushed through to get the same amount from the tap, and you’ll find your water costs rise as a result.

5. Glassware is easily damaged

One of the most common signs that you have hard water within the home is that the glassware within the property becomes damaged more easily. You’ll find that glasses have small scratches on them, and they shatter more easily when dropped from a small height. This is due to the small changes that the minerals are making to the glassware, which makes it more brittle over time. If you’ve noticed your glassware shatters and has become easier to break over time, you should consider the value that a water softener will bring to your home.

6. You require constant plumbing repairs

Steel pipes often require constant repair when they’ve been placed into contact with hard water. The minerals leaching from the water contact the piping structure and cause cracks that eventually lead to maintenance problems. You might also notice that systems such as washing machines and dishwashers require more frequent repairs as a result of the hard water. That’s because the minerals can impact the hoses and the other components connecting your appliances to the water source. By integrating a water softener within the home, you can significantly reduce your costs over time.

7. There’s limescale buildup on appliances

In appliances that require significant amounts of water, such as your washing machine, you may notice that limescale builds up within the equipment. This is due to the mineral remnants from the hard water entering your home. Switching to a soft water system and using a water softener is often considered one of the best ways to minimize the potential damage to your appliances.

Why turn to Brothers Plumbing for water softeners?

In choosing water softeners for the home, you should work with a company that understands the value of the softener technology, and that can help you to choose the right product for the home. Our team at Brothers Plumbing are local leaders within the residential and commercial plumbing services industry in Toronto. Let’s review a few of the benefits of selecting our team when reviewing your water softener options:

  • Experience

Our experience within the residential plumbing marketplace means we can help to find the right system for your unique home. We can review the issues you’ve been having with your home plumbing structure and help you to find a solution that protects your home systems for the years ahead.

  • Speed of response

Our team works around the clock and can respond quickly when you have a demand for quality plumbing products. When you turn to Brothers Plumbing, a professional is available immediately to answer your questions and to visit your home on short notice. This also means we can respond to significant plumbing emergencies.

  • Affordable options

We take the time to provide you with affordable options for your home plumbing needs. We help to review your home budget and provide you with products designed to save you money and help you protect your home plumbing systems. This commitment means we can also reduce your plumbing costs significantly for the years ahead.
Our team at Brothers Plumbing is now offering a full range of plumbing services and equipment for use throughout your home. To learn more about water softening options, or any of the services within our selection, contact our team today!

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