Signs You Need Your Drains Cleaned

29 Jul

Your drains are a critical piece of your home plumbing infrastructure. If they’re not in optimal condition, it’s important you have them cleaned immediately. But it’s not always easy to tell when you need to have your drains cleaned. And so, within this latest post, we’ll explore the signs that it’s time to call your local drain cleaning company.

Slow Drains

One of the most frustrating experiences for homeowners is drains that take too long to complete the draining process. When it takes longer than a minute for water to go down the drain, it’s a clear sign that you need to call your local plumbing company for a resolution. The problem could be related to an obstacle underneath the drain or it could be due to corrosion within your plumbing system. Make sure you book a consultation the moment you notice your drains moving slowly.

Standing Water

When you have standing water accumulating within the sink, this is a clear sign that there is a problem with the drain. If you notice that water remains in your sink or washing machine even after the plug has been removed, you’ll need to call a professional on an emergency basis. Leaving this problem overnight or for several hours the next day could lead to local flooding in the home.

Strange Noises

Our home plumbing systems often emit strange noises throughout the day. From the noise of the water rushing through the pipes to enter the faucet, to those odd noises overnight when temperatures change, we’re used to hearing strange sounds from our plumbing equipment. But you should be aware that any noises associated with your plumbing unit can indicate a significant problem. If you hear a bubbling or gurgling sound, for example, when you flush your toilet or turn on the sink faucet, there’s likely a significant draining problem.

Unpleasant Smells

When your drain starts to emit strange smells, this could mean that there’s waste within the system that isn’t being flushed. Unfortunately, this could be a problem that you don’t notice until it’s expensive to fix. So make sure you call your plumber immediately if you notice that the unpleasant smell from your drain isn’t going away.

Fruit Flies

For many homeowners, the presence of insects is the first sign that something’s wrong with their property. Fruit flies, for example, are particularly attuned to changes in the local environment. They may suddenly appear in great numbers overnight. This is often caused by a blockage within your drains that contains some sort of food waste attracting the flies. Call your local plumbing team if you notice persistent flies surrounding your drains.

The Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

While you might be able to handle some elements of the drain unclogging and cleaning process, it’s always better to turn to professionals when you require your drains to be cleaned. Let’s look at the benefits of working with professional drain cleaners.

Reduce Expenses

Professionals can help you to reduce your drain cleaning expenses in the coming years. Severely clogged drains will need to be cleaned professionally at some point. If you are able to remove the clog the first time around, the clog will probably return, and in the future, it might be more damaging to your plumbing system. If you leave it too late, you’ll be spending more money fixing your home plumbing structures. By simply taking the time to select a professional, you can reduce your expenditure significantly for the years ahead.

Full Home Maintenance

When a professional comes to visit your home, they won’t simply focus on the problem drain, they will review your entire draining structure to ensure it’s working optimally. This means if they notice a problem with the rest of the plumbing system, they can respond effectively and help mitigate future problems. By turning to professionals for drain cleaning, you avoid some of the more costly plumbing challenges impacting other homeowners. You can also ensure that any plumbing problem is resolved quickly to help safeguard your family.

Helps Keep the Home in a Healthy State

Most people don’t know, but the home drains within your property could be causing your family to become ill over time. The drains can contain food-based bacteria that thrives within the wet, dark environment. And this bacteria can then spread throughout your home. By working with your local plumbing team, you can remove damaging bacteria from your drains and ensure the entire home space is protected from bacterial threats.

Remove Odours

We know that drains can produce foul odours that impact your home environment. And so, if you take on drain cleaning services, you can actively remove these odours from the home. A key benefit of working with professionals is they can trace the foul odours down to their origin, helping alleviate the problem within a consolidated timeframe.

Access to Professional Equipment

As we’ve mentioned, you may be able to resolve the plumbing challenge yourself if you dedicate enough time to the problem. But this has many disadvantages. First, you run the risk of causing further damage to your plumbing structure. If you don’t have experience in the maintenance process, you may cause damage to the drain and risk having to pay for further repairs. Second, professional plumbers have access to quality equipment. This means they can complete their repair work in a fraction of the time it would take you to complete the process. Simply call a professional to ensure the job is done correctly the first time, without damaging your home.

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