Professional Plumber Midtown

Midtown Toronto is an upscale business area located in Old Toronto, between downtown and uptown. It’s borders are roughly demarcated by Bloor Street to the south, Lawrence Avenue to the north, Bayview avenue to the east and Marlee Avenue/Oakwood Avenue/Ossington Avenue to the west. The neighbourhood covers both North Toronto and Forest Hill. It is home to a wide range of luxury residential and commercial properties and a diverse group of young urban single professionals and families.

Professional Plumber Midtown

Brothers Plumbing is pleased to be able to provide its services to the residents of Midtown Toronto. Our dedicated and experienced team of plumbers has combined decades-worth of experience working on a wide range of complex jobs all over the city, making our team on the premier and most well respected names in the industry. We understand that the residents of Midtown lead busy lives, with a wide range of family, personal and professional responsibilities and need to be able to rely on a plumbing service that offers unparalleled plumbing experience and excellence, on top of great customer service, in a timely manner.

Our team of skilled, highly trained plumbers will commit to getting to a job site on time, and never leaving until the job is done. We will never prioritize new jobs over yours once we have taken it on. Whether your needs are small or large, from simple backed-up drains to commercial sewer main installations which require more specialized knowledge and experience, we are equipped to handle any and everything plumbing related.

One of the biggest points of pride for us, and which has won us a lot of our business over the years, is our diverse and unmatched inventory selection that we keep year-round. This has allowed us to take on more jobs, and guarantee our customers less wait time, as we don’t have to spend your valuable time special ordering parts; we already have them in stock. Our wide range of common and specialty plumbing parts means that once you hire Brothers Plumbing, we are able to start the job for you right away.

We know that being successful in a diverse city like Toronto means being able to cater to an equally diverse range of clientele. No two plumbing needs are ever the same and we have built our business around being able to tailor our services to whatever those needs may be. Midtown deserves a plumbing service that works just as hard as they do.

To learn more about how we can help you with your next plumbing job, we invite you to email us at brothersplumbing23@gmail.com, or alternatively you can call us at 416-656-6717 whenever you like. We are located at 130 Osler Street, Toronto, Ontario 6N.

Let Brothers Plumbing show you why we are among the most respected and trusted plumbing experts in the entire city.


"Nancy and I would like to thank Brothers Plumbing for their professional management of a serious drainage problem that suddenly developed at our home."

Sid & Nancy

"Hi Cindy, I just wanted to thank your company and especially the three gentlemen who worked on our home: Harold Peter, Ken Fowler and Frederick Jnnoel."


"Good afternoon, One of your guys just did a quick repair job at our house and my husband said the guy was great. It didn’t take long, and he felt like he could trust him."


"Dear Sirs, About two weeks ago, two of your employees, George Lambrakos and Anatoli Masimov came and installed a new washroom in the basement of our house, and we want you to know how pleased we are..."

Bill & Phyllis

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