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Toronto Emergency Plumbing

For all commercial emergencies, please call 416-656-6717.

Brothers Plumbing offers 24-hour emergency service for those who need a plumber in Toronto fast. When an urgent situation needs immediate attention, don’t waste any time. Allow us to handle your problem and get things back to normal so that you can have your property back in top condition.

Before you give us a call, please make sure that what you are experiencing counts as an emergency situation. Below are two steps for you to be able to assess your plumbing problems and instructions to help you decide if your situation does require an emergency call.

Step 1 – Consult our list of emergency situations to learn which require making an emergency call.

Step 2 – If your problem does require an emergency visit, DO NOT use the online booking form or the request a quote form to contact us. Instead, you should call 416-656-6717 immediately!

If you do not have an urgent situation on your hands, we recommend that you complete our online booking form instead so that we can prioritize those who promptly need our assistance. Rest assured that we will be more than happy to attend to your situation at a time that would be convenient for you.

Legitimate Emergency Situations

Plumbing problems can arise due to a variety of factors. However, some of the most urgent issues that residents and building owners needs to pay attention to are:

  • Main Drain Back Up – If you’ve opened up all your individual drains and haven’t found the source of the issues and you are still having backflow, you could be experiencing a main drain back up.
  • Frozen Pipes – As winter approaches, frozen pipes become a rather common problem that can be expensive to fix if you don’t remedy the situation.
  • Burst Pipes – If you don’t quickly attend to frozen pipes, you’ll have a larger problem on your hands when your pipes burst.
  • Sump Pump Failure – Your sump pump is your first line of defense against a flooding basement. If your sump pump fails, the damage to your property can be tremendous.

Don’t let your emergency problems wait. Call us ASAP, and our emergency plumbers in Toronto will be there to remedy the situation.